Chatham Artillery Punch

Chatham Artillery Punch (original recipe from The Shrimp Factory)

1 & ½ gallons Catawba wine

½ gallon rum

1 quart gin

1 quart brandy

½ pint Benedictine

2 quarts maraschino cherries

1 & ½ quarts rye whiskey

1 & ½ quarts strong brewed tea (like you make iced tea from)

1 & ½ quarts brown sugar

1 & ½ quarts orange juice (from fresh oranges)

1 & ½ quarts lemon juice  (from fresh lemons)

Mix all together and let sit a day or two.  Combine in a glass of ice which is half punch and half sparkling wine.  Add 1 tablespoon (or two or three!) of cherry juice, and 1 cherry.  Stir and drink.  But. Very. Carefully.

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One Response to “Chatham Artillery Punch”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    That sounds intoxicatingly delicious!

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