Tribute to the Tomato

We picked our first tomatoes yesterday, and she asked me to put in a special post in tribute to the tomato.  So for my sweetheart, and in honor of the tomato, here are a couple pictures and my attempt at a sonnet:

Tomatoes & tomatillo

Sonnet for the Tomato

What dangles here on vine so green and tall?

Oh tomato that grows so red and full!

Sanguine juice in luscious orb you call!

What tempting fate awaits within your hull?

Not Persephone’s fruit, but Eve’s rare delight.

Your taste like ruby sweet does pass our lips,

Apple of our eyes, fills our dreams at night!

Your name on our tongues resoundingly trips.

But hold!  Oh saucy minx!  What slice is this?

On buttered biscuit, so cool and salty,

Peppered and mischievous, we dare not miss

Your succulent tanginess so haughty.

The fruits of the orchard are sugared fine,

But the garden’s tomato rivals wine.

Tomatoes & Tomatillo


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One Response to “Tribute to the Tomato”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Well said! Oh am I envying you with those ripe tomatoes!

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