Weekly Garden Update: 6/13

Our first actual squash rotted at the end, oh what a disappointment.  We have several more on the way, but another smaller one rotted as well.  Current theory is that it rotted because it was in contact with the ground, but we aren’t sure that it isn’t something else.   We only lost 1 celery plant to voles since the last vole war update.  Are we winning?  Who could say…


We harvested tomatoes this week (see the previous post, sonnet to the tomato).  The bloody butchers, which were listed as 60 day tomatoes, were the first to come off the vine.  We put them in the ground 3 days before the last frost date, only a slight gamble due to the weather report at the time, so these are really on the ball.


We have tomatillos firming up, I can’t wait until I can make some hot tomatillos sauce and carnitas.

Haricot Vert, i.e., Snap Beans

Haricot vert!  Harvested this morning!  We eagerly embrace these green beans:  frozen ones from last year are fine, but they do not retain the fresh snappy green goodness of vine to table in less than 24 hours.

Haricot Vert on the Vine

The field peas (cow peas) we planted last Saturday all came up on Wednesday.  And now the lima beans and the dutch half-runners are as well – both came bursting up out of the ground on Thursday and Friday as though they were late for an appointment with the sun.


Here is a photo of apples on one of the trees, and we have figs on the Brown turkey.  The black mission fig and the black jack fig are growing very well this year, but I don’t expect to see figs on them until next year or the even the next.  People have told me that they won’t grow here, but I have grown them before and when I lived in my grandmother’s house I planted a black mission fig that is now over 24 feet high and provides enough figs for multiple families.

Black Jack & Black Mission

Flowers are food for the spirit:

Day Lily


Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)

Day Lily

And here are some good photos of the garden as a whole:

"New Row"

"New Row"

"Middle Row"

"First Row"


Side View

Side Boxes

Wormfarm & Boxes

From the top, "First Row"

From the top, "Middle row"

From the top, "New Row"


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2 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: 6/13”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    The rotting squash is almost certain to be caused by lack of pollination. It is really common in the start of the season to have female flowers (with fruits) come on but no (or too little) male flowers or active bees to get them properly pollinated. The female fruits will get mushy and rot if not pollinated. If you have male flowers and just not enough bees – you can hand pollinate the female flowers using a soft makeup brush – daubing the male flower to gather pollen and then gently dusting it onto the female flower center.

    The garden overview is fun to see. You have a nice sized garden and it looks like it is being very productive for you at the moment.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      Aha! Thank you, that’s almost certainly it. Until we’re sure we have enough pollination going on, we’ll try doing some hand pollinating a bit. It’s so nice to have a place to get feedback on things like this.

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