Weekly Garden Update 7/11


My stepbrother got married yesterday in Missouri, so if you read this,


Have a great honeymoon, and we look forward to seeing you two later!


Kennebec Potatoes

In garden news, I just saw a squirrel make off with one of our san marzano tomatoes.  I don’t know if it picked it off the plant, or if the tomato was on the ground, or what, but the little devil ran across the yard with it and then up a big oak tree.  My word to the squirrels is, “…don’t make me put you on the same list with the voles….”.

Pimento Pepper

We ended up with more celery than we could eat, store, freeze, etc.  So we sold 14 heads we had left to A Southern Season, who paid us a premium for the non-conventional celery.  Feedback from them is that it has a lot of flavor, and they are pleased with it.  No, it wasn’t much money, but it was exciting to pick up some seed cash.


Speaking of seeds, we have several varieties of things we’ve tried to grow here that haven’t grown well or produced in this zone.  Once we catalog what we want to get rid of, we’d be pleased if anyone wants to do a seed swap.

Dying Acorn Squash 1

Dying Acorn Squash 2

Most things are growing well, but we are losing our second acorn squash plant.  Our biodynamic farmer friend at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market had the (informed) opinion that it is the cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and stink bugs.  Some small percentage of the insects carries bacterial wilt which subsequently can infect the plant.  The proximity of a community garden less than a thousand yards from us may be a contributing factor since apparently the range of these insects is fairly large.  We are attempting to pick up some kaolin clay powder as a natural deterrent for these plants and others in the garden.

Field Peas & More

We started our fall broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts seeds down in the basement.  “One of us” likes Brussels sprouts, and they look funny to grow, so we’re gonna try them out.

Tall Tomatoes on 8' Trellis

Even after I topped and suckered the tallest tomato plants, they just keep trying to kiss the sky.  We now have fruits ripening above the 8’ mark and I hate having to get a ladder out just to harvest.  Oh well.

Above the Trellis

We’ve been harvesting cucumbers, yellow squash, tomatoes galore, and more haricot vert.  And now the blue lake green beans are starting to produce.  We harvested more Italian relleno, cayenne, basil, and Anaheim peppers.  We have California wonder peppers which are making.

Tomato Harvest

Harvest of Plenty

Our watermelons are growing!  We are planning on slinging them this week.  One of the places we read up on slinging was Engineering Garden, one of the other gardening blogs we keep a link to here – he posted a small video on the melon slinging process.



Haricot Vert


Tomato 6

Tomato 3


Yellow Squash

New Cucumbers

Dutch Half-runners Over the Trellis


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7 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update 7/11”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    Everything looks good – with the exception of the Acorn Squash! Totally envious of your tomato harvest. We are still a ways off from fresh ripe tomatoes. I am in pea harvest mode currently but soon the green beans will be on and I will be fully into the summer garden harvests. In the meantime, I am in that transition time of late spring crops and the beginnings of the mid season summer crops.

  2. Daphne Says:

    I’m with kitsapFG. I want your tomatoes. I have lots of green balls on the vine, but nothing that looks like it is going to get red anytime soon.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I really like your trellising system. It makes for a very efficient use of space. My melons look a bit unkempt sprawling on the ground. Maybe I’ll give this a go next year.

  4. thyme2garden Says:

    I love seeing all those pictures of your trellis. That must’ve been a lot of work to put up, but I can see how useful it is as the season goes on and all your plants reach for the sky!

  5. foodgardenkitchen Says:

    Not to add to the tomato envy, but I canned 7 more pints of tomato sauce yesterday. We make tomato sauce whenever we are in danger of being overrun by the tomato crop. Tonight I make slice tomato/onion casserole in cheese sauce.

    You can read my thoughts on trellising here:


    in which I discourse on the pleasure doing the trellises this way.

  6. Rose Gold Says:

    Awesome vegetable garden you have. So organized with that rows of raised bed and trellis. You had that well planned considering the land is sloppy. This is the best vegetable garden I saw. Congratulations!

  7. Rose Crystal Says:

    Wow. That is one good plenty harvest you got there! The tomatoes look really tasty! I would love to get those tomatoes boiling for my stew tonight! loL. Thanks for sharing these photos. The garden is really good-looking! It inspired me to create a better garden for myself. Thanks! Hope to see more about your garden.

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