Weekly Garden Update: August 8th

Wow, it’s August already!

In addition to the seedlings we’ve been developing, we did more fall planting yesterday:  Cabbage seeds were started inside, but we direct seeded a box of Cauliflower and Broccoli, and a box comprised of Chinese Mustard, Ruby Red Swiss Chard, and Southern Giant Curled Mustard.

The Chinese Mustard is courtesy of http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/.  Thanks!

Our Yukon Gold potatoes are flowering, perhaps we can harvest them by September.

Potato Flower

We harvested the last set of beans from the Haricot Vert, and pulled them up, thanking them all the while.  We got over 7 weeks of incredible production from these green beans, and are thrilled.  The dutch half-runner beans are hitting a production peak, and the blue lakes continue to give us a handful or so every week.  Hopefully I can put up some more beans soon.

Haricot Vert box

Tomatoes have slacked off a bit, but we still got half a box this weekend after I pulled everything red and did more tomato sauce this past Monday.

Boxes 1

Boxes 2

Boxes 3

Peppers continue to roll in.  We are getting red Marconi peppers now, and some of our jalapenos are turning red as well.  The only peppers not doing well are the El Chaco’s, which did superbly last year (helpless shrug).  Here are some Serranos.


Butternut squash are getting female blossoms, and the second succession of cucumbers and squash seem to be doing well so far (keeping fingers crossed).

Butternut Blossom

We got 6 cups of Kaolin clay powder this week from our biodynamic farmer and we plant to spray it this week, if it will ever stop raining every other day.

Basil in Harvest Basket

Basil in Box

BASIL.  Yes, the BASIL is coming at us with a vengeance.  We made pesto yesterday, and have 2 trays to dry, and dried basil in the drawer, and oodles more in the garden.  We’re thinking of ramping down to half a dozen basil plants, or even less, next year.

The weather has been almost daily thunderstorms (which our dog hates), with 0 to 0.25 inches of rain almost every day.  Thank goodness it didn’t rain yesterday, and I was able to start mowing the hated grass.  I also mowed back our Kentucky Colonel mint.  The lime mint I planted last year has propagated this year an amazing amount, but I’m about to pull it all up and plant something else.  It tastes nothing like mint or lime, and it’s had plenty of time to develop, flower, or whatever else it wanted to do.  I felt like an idiot standing there chewing nasty leaves from several plants, for all the world like a Koala.


We harvested another eggplant along with all the other stuff this week.  We cooked the one we got last week.  I sliced it thin, salted it and let it sit for a couple of hours, washed the salt off, and dipped each one into milk, then into a cornmeal and bread crumb mix seasoned with sweet paprika, black pepper, dill, ground parmesan, and ground romano.  Then I cooked them in ¼ cup of olive oil spread out over my 16” skillet.  They were yummy, and we spooned our own tomato sauce over them on the plate right before eating.  I’ll probably do something similar this week.

Charentais Melon

Last, but not least, we harvest a charentais melon.  We are very excited, we just hope it’s ripe!

Green Beans!


Field Peas

Cucumbers blooming

Butter beans


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4 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: August 8th”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    I love the harvest picture! The garden is really being very productive for you – which is testament to your good management of it. The hericot vert beans were definitely producing above and beyond the norm. That is a long production period they provided.

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow!! Your garden looks amazing. So much basil! I love it! Glad you are trying out the mustard greens. Ours are getting bigger! We like to do a simple saute with olive oil and salt and pepper. It’s delicious.

  3. thyme2garden Says:

    You have such impressively prolific harvests! I hear you on the basil “problem.” I never though I would find myself complaining about having too much of anything in the garden, but it’s starting to get difficult to keep up with the basil production! Love looking at all the different parts of your garden, and I really like those long and narrow raised boxes that you have everywhere.

  4. foodgardenkitchen Says:

    kitsapFG: Coming from you, that is a real compliment. You are most gracious.

    meemsync: My absolutely #1 favorite way to serve greens (that isn’t in my Burmese soup or in my Gumbo) is a recipe here on the site for Kale. I endorse it strongly.

    thyme2garden: The boxes are something I came up with in the late 80s when I first read “square-foot gardening” and found through experience that I disagreed with 4′ square boxes. I still do, but when we started this adventure my spouse wanted to try the New SqFG and I nodded and smiled, so we have 6 4′-square boxes and (later) 20 2’x12′ boxes. If I had a level yard and some money to throw around, I would have arranged them in a very different pattern, because I think things should be — no, I *believe* that things should be — as aesthetic as they are functional. I still hope to eventually get rid of every shred of grass in this yard.

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