Weekly Garden Update: August 15

Today the post is late, because we got up this morning, and after coffee and an egg-white frittata with dill, cheddar, country ham, sweet sautéed peppers, and some leftover cornflake chicken (served on English muffin), we went out to the garden and started the Fall planting.

We just cut into the Charentais melon, and wow it is delicious.  It is sweet and has an excellent flavor, and the flesh is firm and crisp!

Covered Box

We put in cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, Red Winter Kale, and Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana Kale.  We set up the piping, and covered 3 boxes with ground cover to protect new seeds coming up.  This Wednesday we already had seeds coming up from our plantings last weekend.

Boxes 2

Boxes 1

Boxes 3

The Tabasco peppers are finally coming in, and we have bunches of little pimentos as well.  The jalapenos and serranos look like they’ll never quit; I plan to make whole pickled Jalapenos this week.  Later I’ll probably dry some serranos and cayennes and make powders out of them.



We have plenty of other peppers as well; ancho, bell, Anaheim, and Italian rellenos, as well as some Italian red marconis.




We got 4 cucumbers this week, and are pleased by the progress of the 2nd succession of cucumbers.

Volunteer Tomatoes

I trellised the volunteer tomatoes, since it looks like they’re gonna produce.  We sprayed fish emulsion on the tomatoes and melons, and kaolin clay on the cucumbers, eggplants, and squash.


The butternut squash is determined to make up for every squash or melon plant we’ve ever failed to grow.  It has spread the width of almost 3 box areas and is half way into the next column, with oodles of female blossoms, and little butternuts growing.

Some Tomatoes

Other harvest items for the week include another big crop of tomatoes (I am making tomato sauce again today), about 3.5 lbs of green beans (I’ll be canning more green beans this week), and our first harvests of field peas and butter beans.  We also got 2 tomatillos and another eggplant, and harvested the very last celery.

Butter beans

The last Celery

Harvest 2


Field PeasGreen beans


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6 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: August 15”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    I love all your pepper plants! It looks so amazing. What do you do with all those fiery gems?

  2. thyme2garden Says:

    All your raised boxes as well as all the spaces in between just look unbelievably neat and tidy. You must take really good care of them on regular basis! And your harvest looks just amazing and bountiful, as usual.

  3. foodgardenkitchen Says:

    meemsnyc: We eat ’em? Last year we dried them and we use them when cooking. Putting a dried pepper in a mug of water and microwaving it for two minutes, then letting it steep does a great job of rehydrating. This year I’m having more fun drying them in the oven then grinding them into powders to use. We plan on growing hotter ones next year. I had 2 Naga jolokias seedlings last year, but they got some kind of fungus and died on me.

    thyme2garden: It’s all in the design and set up. Not that we don’t have to pay some attention to a bit of weeding and whatnot, and one of us is pretty good about pulling off leaves that are dying, etc. Half an hour a day on garden stuff, except for major planting or harvest times, is more than enough to keep the garden in this state.

    We had a melon fall off the vine yesterday, one of our moon and stars. We cut it open and it wasn’t quite ripe inside, but the heart was ripe enough in the center, and it was really juicy and tasty.

  4. kitsapFG Says:

    That is a happy and well tended garden. The peppers and butterbeans look particularly tempting. Of course, ripe tomatoes are pretty outstanding as well!

    I have fall/winter crops of kale and spinach germinated and growing now too. My biggest challenge has been to keep the seed beds hydrated since we had a warm spell last weekend. Nice to see the fall crops coming along though.

  5. Daphne Says:

    What a beautiful garden and harvest. I really have to try growing celery next year. I don’t use a lot, but when I need it, it is invaluable. I love all your peppers. I keep thinking I’d like more peppers next year, but I know I don’t have a ton of space for them.

  6. Thomas Says:

    It looks like you have a lot going on. I also appreciate the fact that you’re growing lemongrass as well.

    Glad the charantais melon tasted good. I still need to learn a thing or two about harvesting a ripe melon.

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