Notes on what people look at. And what they don’t. August 19th.

This post was moved from the main page, and has nothing really to do with the main pages herein, it’s just some musings I wanted to keep.

It is interesting to me what people come here and look at, and what they don’t.  Very few people ever click through on a photograph to see the big version.  The least looked at pages on the blog are “About” and “Background & Motivation”.  Nearly all the search engine searches that come here are as a result of the recipes, but the vast majority of views are on the garden updates.  Few people “click through” our links to other things, and those who do typically only do one, or maybe two.  Red-eye gravy, smothered quail, cornflake chicken, and Burmese soup are popular results from search engines.  Strawberry pie and roast duck apparently are not since no one comes looking for them.  The post titled “RAIN” (one of the garden updates) is strangely popular, I have no idea why.  The vast majority of viewers never leave a comment, and the people who know us leave fewer comments than people who don’t.

I could never have predicted any of this, have no idea why on any of it, and am neither upset nor happy about most of it, but it is stuff I have noticed.

Someone asked me about the “stories” I relate in some of the posts.  They were like, “they’re really not ha-ha funny, but I am entertained.”  This was a lovely compliment (thank you, you know who you are), and it reminded me of Jerry Clower’s comment, “I don’t tell funny stories.  I just tell stories funny.”  If I could ever do that consistently, I’d be satisfied with life, I think.


3 Responses to “Notes on what people look at. And what they don’t. August 19th.”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    I tend to usually leave comments on blogs I read. I usually have something to say about the topic at hand.

  2. spamwise Says:

    In the beginning, when I started blogging, I often wondered why people didn’t comment. It kind of bothered me that I’d get all these page views but very little input.

    Now it just rolls off my back. If people like the material, fine; if they don’t, that’s also fine.

    The content monster is an open maw but as long as you don’t let it control you, it’s not that big a deal.

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    I always find it interesting ( and a bit entertaining) to look at the site statistics. First, I am always amazed at the sheer volume of traffic my site has on a consistent and daily basis and the diversity of nations that are represented in those visits. But just like your experience, most just lurk and browse and do not comment which is fine. As to content, the blog is for me and I just share it with others. I put on it what I want and am just thankful when it happens to be of interest to others as well. 😀

    I think your blog writing is fun and informative and uses pictures well to illustrate – you are in my short list of blogs that I try to visit regularly.

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