Weekly Garden Update: October 10

We’re in full Fall mode now.  The transition from Summer to Fall came with a bang this year.  First the amazing amount of rain all at one time, and now the temperatures have left the Augusty September behind, bringing on a Novembery October.


Radishes coming up





The NC State Fair starts at the end of this week, I will note in passing.  We particularly enjoy the agricultural and crafting exhibits, followed by the food.  The Goat Show is a particular favorite, it’s always the 2nd Saturday of the Fair.  And of course the beloved Village of Yesteryear.


Carrots coming up

The squash keep trying



This week’s Harvest consisted of butter beans, green beans, the last of the field peas, what may be the last of the cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, mustard, lettuce, and peppers galore.




Lovely Jalapenos

Mustard & kale

Mustard & Kale


I made my Instant Karma HOT Pepper Jelly this week, with Habaneras.  It kind of glows with an orange wicked inner light.  I also made a milder “Hot Kitten” (it thinks it’s hot, but it’s just a kitten) Hot Pepper Jelly with Anchos, Cayennes, and Serranos.  And then I made Pickled Jalapenos.


Instant Karma Hot Pepper jelly


This next week I plan to make Tabasco Vinegar Sauce, and maybe some Hot Chili Garlic Sauce.  We have bottles ordered from a great place on the internet that sells inexpensive bottles.

This morning we did a light watering, and ripped out the field peas.  We have lots of fall stuff germinating, including carrots.

The tomato vines are looking tired.  The tomatoes off them are smaller, and turn red less quickly.  We have one watermelon that we insist on having high hopes for, and two more that are unlikely to get ripe unless something odd happens.


Garden 3

Garden 2

Garden 1


Herbs continue to do very well in the fall environment.







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7 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: October 10”

  1. thyme2garden Says:

    Instant karma hot pepper jelly sounds… a bit scary! But I do love the hot/sweet combo of hot pepper jellies, so I’m definitely intrigued. It looks like your garden just keeps on going and pumping out those vegetables, whether you’re in Augusty September or Novembery October.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    That hot pepper jelly is such a beautiful jewel tone color! Almost too pretty to eat (almost).

    Those of us in more northern climes are rightfully envious of the warmer fall you experience in your growing region! The garden looks wonderful and is filled with a nice mixture of crops. Ours is definitely switching to all fall/winter crops withonly a few summer hold outs left.

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    I’m so glad the mustard green seeds are thriving in your garden. Ours grew, but bugs kept on eating the leaves, so we actually didn’t get to have any this summer. ;( We plan on building a cold frame, I’ll try growing it in there. Do you like the taste of the mustard greens?

    Oooh, garlic chili sauce, yum! How do you make that?

  4. Emily Says:

    Looks like a great harvest. I enjoy hot pepper jelly but find that when I make it I run out of things to do with it besides cream cheese and crackers. What else do you do with yours?

  5. Angela Moll Says:

    Lovely jalapenos indeed! How do you use the variety of pepper preserves you make?

    Your garden looks fantastic, it is a difficult time of year and it’s doing great.

  6. Daphne Gould Says:

    I so love hot pepper jellies. I think I’d be afraid to touch that instant karma one though. It sounds really HOT. The jalapenos look wonderful. I need to pick my jalapenos soon.

  7. Madame C Says:

    Oh, that jelly seems marvellous! Is it possible to find the recipe? I have never tried it, but have a lot of Rocoto Red Chili.
    A lovely blog you have:)
    Cesar’s garden

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