Weekly Update, Nov. 7th

November 7, Weekly Update:

Fresh Cut Dill

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November, the Gunpowder Treason & Plot….(happy belated Guy Fawkes Day)

Not much of an update this week, just a few items to be noted.

We got our first freeze last night; it got down to about 30 degrees.  Yesterday we covered our remaining pepper plants, and pulled the row covers over most of the fall & winter crops.

I was going to write about my sweet green tomato recipe, that I made from the tail end of the tomato crop this year, but for whatever reason they didn’t end up being as good as I had hoped.  I will need to go back to my father for more explicit instructions on the family sweet green tomato recipe.  I suspect that I am basically over-complicating a simple heavy syrup & cinnamon flavored sweet pickle, but the texture was also not what I had hoped, and I don’t know why.  That puts me back to the drawing board.

Sweet Green Tomato Pickle

We also harvested most of the parsley and dill yesterday, though I dragged one of the dill containers out of the open air, in hopes that it might survive.  I also covered the sage and the oregano.

It rained about an inch this week.

The lettuces appear to be doing well; we may be able to begin harvests in a couple of weeks.

Our limited harvest this week was jalapeno peppers, and what is probably the last of the green beans, as we expect that the freeze last night will end them.

The garlic hasn’t started peeking up yet, I find myself checking them more frequently than I should.


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8 Responses to “Weekly Update, Nov. 7th”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Your dill looks great. I tried 4 attempts at growing dill and every plant died. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I love dill, so I buy it at the supermarket.

  2. Stevie Says:

    That dill looks delish. Just like meemsnyc I can’t grow it either. Sorry the tomatoes aren’t as good as you would have hoped 😦

  3. Robin Says:

    My dill is either too early or too late. I have some out there now. I think maybe I should bring it in….yours is beautiful!

  4. Veggie PAK Says:

    The dill looks great! I had two containers of dill, but the caterpillars of the swallowtail butterfly ate them up, and then went on to my 12 inch diameter container of carrots. They dined thoroughly on the tops of those! I counted as many as 17 caterpillars at once on the carrots. I liked having them “over for lunch”, so I let them eat their fill for a few days. Hopefully, they’ll return again next year. I would be glad to see them. I even put bird netting over them so THEY wouldn’t become lunch for the house wrens.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      We also had plenty of butterflies and caterpillars this year but if they were eating my garden’s output, they got picked and stomped. Although I sympathize with the plight of the butterfly, their spawn will have to find a lunch counter somewhere else.

  5. kitsapFG Says:

    A watched garlic bulb never sprouts… (or something like that! LOL!). I have been checking on the garlic often too. Something reassuring about seeing those little green shoots poking up out of the ground and mulch. Lucky you to be enjoying fresh dill! We had a very good crop of it ourselves this year but it succombed to the cold fall rains and is now just a memory of fresh dill on my baked salmon (sigh).

  6. commonweeder Says:

    I wish I had thought about that green tomato pickle. What a great idea.

  7. Daphne Gould Says:

    Last year my garlic didn’t sprout until spring, but the year before they sprouted before the snow hit. I always look for them, but don’t always see them until spring.

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