Weekly Update: November 14

We harvested the rest of the peppers this week.  We’ve had at least three days that have gotten down to freezing at night, and the plants were starting to look frost-bitten.


Pepper Harvest


The greens and other winter crops look fine, but the garlic still hasn’t started up in their beds.  In another couple of weeks I’ll cover them in leaf mulch regardless.


Dried Peppers


I’ve dried two batches of peppers, and have the last batch in the oven now.  Then I’ll separate out some for reconstituting, and grind the rest for powders.


Tomato Sauce


We used the last of the tomatoes that were turning red this week, and the last of the basil as well in this batch of tomato sauce.

And we made Lemongrass Shrimp soup this week for dinner.  From our garden we had cilantro, lemongrass, cayenne, peppers, and a couple small potatoes, as well as our own homemade chicken stock.  The recipe is listed under our recipe section, along with a picture.


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9 Responses to “Weekly Update: November 14”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, those peppers look so amazing! How do you dry them in the oven?

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Those peppers are beautiful! I really had a sad harvest of peppers this year and will have to be sparing in the peppers for my cooking to stretch out what I do have.

  3. foodgardenkitchen Says:

    re: Drying peppers in the oven. Put peppers on a cookie sheet in a 175 degree oven for 8-10 hours. Let cool overnight. If they’re not all dried out by the next morning, repeat the process.

  4. Barbie Says:

    That’s a bunch of peppers! You soup (previous post) looks soulsouthing and delicious.

  5. Madame C Says:

    Oh, that tomato sauce looks fabulous! What a luck to have such beautiful peppers this time of the year:)
    Take care,

  6. Shawn Ann Says:

    Thanks for IDing my lettuce!
    That is a nice pile of Peppers you have there!

  7. Mary Says:

    Nice pepper harvest. This was my first year drying roasted peppers and grinding them into a powder. It’s a great way of preserving them.

  8. Daphne Gould Says:

    Yum. That sauce looks delicious.

  9. Veggie PAK Says:

    The peppers look wonderful! The tomato sauce makes my mouth water! It looks SO good!

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