Weekly Update: December 5th

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


Snowy Garden


As usual, the whethermen got it wrong.  It was explained to us for over two days that we were getting possible snow flurries or a light dusting of snow overnight on Saturday, but that any accumulation was out of the question.  By 1 pm Saturday afternoon it had started snowing, and by 3 pm we had about 1.5 inches accumulation.


Boxes in the snow



So I was told to go out and shoot pictures, which was fun.  The dog ran through the snow and gamboled about.  Hearts were comforted watching from the big windows looking out over the yard and the forest as the flakes swirled about and landed lightly.




We covered up most of the crops earlier this week due to low temperatures in the high 20s, using Burlap and the row cover we have.  The only production we’re getting right now is fresh herbs when we cook something (I used a LOT of sage last week on turkey and the dressing and stuff, along with some rosemary, tarragon, and dill).  Oh and the greens.  We’re getting mustard and kale, two varieties of each, on a once or week or twice a week basis.


Greens for some Color!


We are however, starting to hit the canned goods from this summer.  We opened our first jar of Haricot Vert this week, and oh my Yummy!  The very next best thing to fresh from the garden.

In cooking news, we ate all that lovely turkey this past week, including turkey curry and turkey hash and turkey sandwiches and sliced turkey with gravy, etc.  This week we’re varying the menu quite a bit, and one of the things I’ll be making is my Chicken Divan, at which point if I remember I’ll come back to the recipe I just posted here and add some lovely photos.

I first ate Chicken Divan at my Aunt’s house, and it was a perennial favorite as I grew up whenever I could cajole her into making it.  The recipe wasn’t really like the one I use now, it has changed regularly over the years, mostly as my eating habits have changed.

A good friend in the 1980s talked me into making my own sauce, and adjusting the cheeses and seasoning.  Adding the pimientos was my own idea as I was experimenting with variations.  It’s a great hearty one-dish dinner, and highly prized at potlucks as well.

I hope you enjoy it.


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3 Responses to “Weekly Update: December 5th”

  1. vrtlaricaana Says:

    I enjoy watching pictures of garden covered with snow. I get the feeling of finally taking a break from gardening and focusing on next year’s plans. Beautiful harvest of greens!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, look at all that snow! I’m feeling cold just looking at your photos! I can’t believe you are still getting mustard greens! Wow!!

  3. Daphne Gould Says:

    Ah the first snow. We might get ours on Friday, but maybe not. It isn’t really supposed to be a big storm. Things always look so pretty in the snow.

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