Weekly Garden Update: 1/17/11

An actual Harvest:  4 carrots



Fabulous tasting, sweet and carroty carrots.  Hopefully we’ll get more soon.


We’ve had temperatures this winter that have been significantly and consistently (like 9 degrees in the month of December) colder than “normal” according to the weather statisticians.  The difference around here between a low of 35 and a low of 26 is major, particularly in what you can over-winter and/or if you are trying season extensions.  We’ve also had more frozen precipitation up to this date than in many years.

Attached below are pictures of our Kale, which might make it.  And then there is our mustard, which probably won’t, though it might come back out.  And then lastly, our tom thumb lettuces, which look surprisingly good.


Kale, beaten by Winter

Mustard on the Edge

A lettuce nested in the leaves



Lastly, we’ve been having a great time with the seed exchange.  A happy shout-out to those of you that we have been communicating with, and getting seeds from — thank you!


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9 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: 1/17/11”

  1. Robin Says:

    Your lettuce certainly looks very happy & healthy nestled in those leaves! I bet you really enjoyed those carrots!

    My mustard looks about like yours…maybe worse.

  2. Mike Says:

    Those Tom Thumb lettuce look amazing, it’s alway so interesting to see how certain crops manage the cold. I’ll have to experiment with that lettuce variety in my own winter garden next fall.

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    It’s nice to know that at least lettuce is surviving if not anything else.

  4. kitsapFG Says:

    Mmmm…. baby carrots! The lettuce looks particularly good considering the cold you have been contending with. We keep bouncing around on temps – one week very cold – another quite mild. Kind of hard on the plants but the overwintered items in the greenhouse and under the grow tunnel are doing just fine despite the inconsistent weather.

  5. Barbie Says:

    HAHA! I took 4 carrots too. Mine were thicker but completely malformed. Yours at least look like carrots!

  6. Veggie PAK Says:

    Your greens look like mine. I’m confident that as soon as a warm spell hits, they’ll jump up! This winter has been much colder than normal here in Virginia. Usually I would have picked collard greens several times by now. Not the case this year. Hopefully it gets better!

    I wonder if the leaves actually shield the lettuce from some of the cold. Maybe you should add more leaves if the lettuce keeps on like that. It looks GOOD!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Same here in Central FL, colder than usual. I garden among the fallen leaves too. I’ve wondered if they are a good mulch or not?

  8. Daphne Gould Says:

    Such cute little carrots. I was thinking we would be getting a warmer than normal winter, but our cold spell and below zero temps are coming in this weekend. Too bad.

  9. Peter Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, we got down to 15 below zero this weekend and there’s over a foot of snow on the ground. I did leave a bunch of carrots and parsnips in the garden, though, so when ever it does thaw I can dig them up.

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