Weekly Garden Update: April 4th




We’re getting some tulips coming up.  To me, February = Crocus, March = Daffodils, and April = Tulips.  Bunnies have been seen in the yard, the first ones this year.


Lettuce & Radishes


Harvest this past week was lettuce, radishes, and yes, kale.  Fairly monotonous litany we have going here, but by gosh we’re eating some great salads.  Since we’re doing our own sprouts, the salads this past week have been containing lettuces, radishes, sprouts, carrots (all ours), as well as chopped beets, tomato, stropshire blue cheese, and croutons.  Can we say Yum?


Onion box

Lettuces 1




Lettuces 2



Taters are poking their little heads up in two of the three boxes!  Peas are starting up the trellises!


Potato Plant

The garlic, onions, carrots, lettuces, and kale are growing nicely, again see above!


The horseradish is jumping, the sage and the oregano are spreading out by leaps and bounds.  The apple trees and the blueberries are leafing out and the mint has started over by the compressor.





The curs-ed weather dropped down to below 32 last week, damaging several things, but mostly some new leaves that were coming out on the fig bushes.  It got down again to 32 day before yesterday.  It’s time to Stop Already!  Today it’s supposed to have a high of 80.


Last year we barely managed to juggle our indoor seeding area.  Again this year we’ve been talking about expanding it “next year”, but it became clear that our juggling attempts weren’t working so well this time around.  So we got another shelving unit, one that will allow space for 4 shelves and each shelf can take 4 seedling trays and they’re high enough for lights + trays + domes, etc.  So we cleared out space in the basement yesterday and build the thing and wrapped the shelves in clear plastic and set up the lights and Voila!


New Seeding Area

Grow, my pretties!


Patty Pans





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4 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: April 4th”

  1. Robin Says:

    Your garden looks great!! I’m with you regarding this weather…enough already!! It looks like the weather is going to stabilize up here this week…that’s what “They” say anyway!

    I’m always happy when the seedling shuffle is over and done with! I expanded my seed starting area two times this year!

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    The garden is looking spectacular! You are a good three or four weeks ahead of where our garden is at this point. We are not getting so cold as you at night (low 40’s ) but our high temps are lucky to reach low 50’s. No glorious sun warmed days – just heavy rains and chilly temps. Everything is languishing as a result. I envy you that beautiful lettuce harvest. Our winter crop of lettuce is done and the early spring crops are not coming along well because of the cold conditions. As a result we are having swiss chard and kale for salads instead of lettuces. It works but I am hungry for lettuce.

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    I forgot to say… I love the new light set up too!

  4. Daphne Gould Says:

    I can’t wait for fresh salads to start in my area. Yours look delicious. I know I’ll get tired of them at some point, but now I really want some.

    Yeah! on the new lights. I expanded my lights this year. I figured I expanded my garden by three times, so expanded the lights by two. I hope it is enough. So far so good.

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