Weekly Garden Update: Happy May Day!

May Garden Inventory

I’ll finish this week with a passel of pictures, a visual inventory of the garden.  We just got back from 10 days out of town, and the amount of growth is shocking.  It reminds me of a 1950s B-Sci-Fi Movie of the Mutant Garden that Ate Cincinnati, with carnivorous carrots.

Harvest this week is massive, including Sugar snap peas, Carrots, Radishes, Beets!, Mustard and Kale (enough for 2 large pots, cooked), Lettuces (5 or 6 varieties including but not limited to Red oak leaf, green oak leaf, buttercrunch, frissee, mache), almost 2 pounds of fresh oregano (now drying in the oven), sage, parsley, cilantro, and fresh new mint (now being turned into mojito syrup on the stovetop).

You can click on any picture to view a larger version:


Carrots 1

Mound of Kale and Mustard and Spinach

Sugar Snaps


Bucket of Carrots

The potato plants are 2.5 feet tall.  The asparagus grew to 4 feet plus ferns and then leaned over, the squash seedlings we planted just before we left are expanding rapidly.  The snow peas and the sugar snap peas are growing like weeds.

4' Asparagus

Asparagus Box

Potato Box

Potato Box 2


Sugar Snap Peas

Snow Peas

ALL the kale and mustards bolted in the high temperatures we had while we were gone.  We’ll make multiple harvests this week, and process it all as fast as possible.  Most of the lettuce has bolted or is trying to bolt – we are sampling each to make sure they haven’t gone bitter before we eat them (most of them have been fine, but the frissee was wow bitter).

Mustard Bolting

Kale Bolting

Swiss Chard (in foreground)

Carrots & Radishes

Again lettuces, spinach in foreground

Melons and Tomatoes and Pepper seedlings are being planted today.

Also I planted the black peppermint plant I picked up today, and I’ll be sowing spearmint seeds on the other side of the house this week, near the blueberries.  What we have now is Kentucky Colonel mint – it’s very hardy but later in the season as the plants get bigger the mint taste is overcome by a bitter manure-like flavor.  I tried planting apple mint, and lime mint, but it turns out that these are really not very good as culinary plants – they don’t taste strongly of mint (or anything else but weedy) and so I have reverted to pure peppermint and spearmint varieties.

The haricot vert seeds we got from Burpee had a 99% failure rate on germination.   This is the fourth or fifth different set of seeds we have gotten from them in the past year or so that has had a terrible germination rate.  It is unlikely we are going to be buying more from them for some time.

The figs, apples, and blueberries are leafed out and doing well.  We have a broccoli forming a head, and also a cauliflower.  The cabbages are trying to head.  The onion plants are thicker and happier looking than I remember since we started planting onions.

Apple Trees




New Squash Box

Squash 2

Squash 3

Squash 4


New Lettuces

Garlic Boxes







even more Lettuces

Ha HAH! Guess What!?

Onions in the Background

Onions 2

Potatoes 3

Carrots & Beets (Carrots subsequently all harvested)

Seedlings 1

Seedlings 2

Seedlings 3

Seedlings 4

Question and Observation:  Why is it that the smallest carrot plants have the biggest carrots and the largest carrot plants have the smallest carrots?  Does this suggest that I should pinch out the top of any carrot plant that starts to get much larger than the others?


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3 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update: Happy May Day!”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    My goodness! Look at your gardne grow! You had a great harvest this week and such a nice variety of things are coming out of your garden. We are in the spring greens mode so something more varied is very appealing!

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    I can’t wait for my peas to start producing. I so love snap peas. But they were so late getting into the garden this year. I might well have to wait until June again. Some year I want to harvest peas in May.

  3. Barbie Says:

    I want more space, but what you have seems like a lot to keep up with. You’ll be harvesting gangbusters soon!

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