June 12 Weekly Update

Haricot Vert 1

Haricot Vert 2

Haricot Vert 3!

The Harvest this week includes many more summer squash, the last of the snow and sugar snap peas, another small cabbage, and last but not least the haricot vert.  We have harvested haricot vert 3 times already this week, and they will need to be harvested the day after tomorrow yet again, hurrah!

Squashes (sorta like mooses)

The other large harvest this week is the garlic.  We pulled up both boxes of garlic and set up our “drying rack” made out of a piece of our trellis system with a section of plastic chicken wire pulled over it.  The brown tempest did not perform as well as the other three types, and in the past year it has not stored as well as the others, so we’re not going to plant it next year.  The local softneck variety did fine, so we’re pleased about that.

Garlic drying on the Rack

We’ve had no rain for almost two weeks.  Until last night, and then we got a good half-inch, which also filled up the rain barrels.

The remaining cucumber seedlings were planted this week, and we found enough space to cram in the last 9 pepper seedlings.  We filled in butter beans wherever they hadn’t germinated the first time.  The rosemary plant that didn’t die over this year’s extremely cold winter was repotted since it won’t be going into its permanent space until next year.

We sprayed BT on our cabbages – we had noticed some caterpillar poop on the cabbages we recently harvested, although we have seen no caterpillars.

3 Summer squash plants that we believe were infected with bacterial wilt have been ripped out, bagged, and trashed – probably spread by those dang cucumber beetles.  This is probably what killed the 4 acorn squash plants as well.  We immediately started more squash plants in the basement (yellow and zucchini), which we will plant where the garlic was once they get to a good size.  Maybe we can get more production by introducing them like this on a staggered basis.

We seeded some additional blue lake bush beans where the squash were pulled up.

Volunteer Squash


Ok, I guess we haven’t really mentioned the okra.  We planted some this year, and this is the first one to develop.  One of us hopes there will be more, the other of us is dubious about the very concept of okra.

Half-Runner beans running


Onions, soon to be harvested

Squash, tomatillos, tomatoes

A potato box

Haricot Vert box

Black peppermint

Garden 1

Winter Squash




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5 Responses to “June 12 Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    Lovely harvest of green beans. The squash and garlic combined with the green beans gives you quite a varied harvest this week. All the garden beds are looking productive.

  2. thyme2garden Says:

    Can I just tell you how much I love love love looking at pictures of your garden? You have so much of so many different things growing, even with the wipeouts you have to endure due to pests! I laughed at your description of okra, because I think “dubious” is the perfect term to describe how my husband feels about okra, too. Me, I just want things to grow productively and I’ll worry about eating them later. 🙂

  3. Daphne Says:

    Oh look at all those lovely beans. Most of mine haven’t even started up their strings yet. I suppose if I want early beans I ought to plant a small amount of bush beans, but I just never do.

  4. spamwise Says:

    You have haricot verts!!!!


    I’m just a little bit envious. I see lots of good cooking in your future. 🙂

  5. meemsnyc Says:

    i hate those $#%@ beetles too!!

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