June 19 – Weekly Garden Update:

Summer Squash!

Even More Squash!

A bit of celery

Haricot Vert

Peppers & Squash

New Potatoes!

We’ve harvested our first Peppers, 4 italian rellenos.  Also this week’s harvest includes new potatoes, lots of haricot verts (we canned 5 pints), celery, parsley, and oodles of patty-pan and yellow summer squashes.  And our first okra pod!

Onions, curing

We harvested one of the boxes of onions, and now they’re curing on racks.

We ripped out the sugar snap peas and planted butter beans in the box.  A better boy tomato that continually was having foliage problems got ripped out as well (none of the other tomato plants show a problem).  One of the ex-garlic boxes got planted with more haricot vert.

Seedlings of replacement melons, summer squash, and acorn squash are doing well in the basement.  We will wait to plant them out until they’re fairly large.


The eggplants look better this year than any previous year for us.  We attribute this to keeping them inside until they were much larger than in previous years, and planting them as late as possible outside in hope of minimizing flea beetle damage.  We sprayed the with neem this week to help with that as well.


I do so love the look of the tomatillos as they start to develop.

We made chimichurri sauce out of some of the parsley we harvested, and we’re drying the rest.  We used our own parsley, garlic, garlic scapes, and dried cayenne peppers in the sauce (to go along with some local humanely raised and slaughtered, pastured, antibiotic and hormone-free beef (dead cow) we enjoyed last night).

I’m also posting a recipe for squash casserole today.  It surprises me that not only do many people not know how to incorporate squash in a variety of ways in their cooking, but that so many of the ubiquitous squash casserole recipes are gloppy and primarily dairy and eggs – disguising rather than featuring the fresh squash taste.







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10 Responses to “June 19 – Weekly Garden Update:”

  1. Diana Says:

    Those pattypan squash is so cute. Beautiful harvest you got there!

  2. Wilderness Says:

    Your garden is sure looking great. I am trying egg plant for the last time this year. The plants never seem to mature for me. Last year they finally got blossoms in September just before our first frost usually.

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    Those young potatoes look delicious. I should be able to lift some new potatoes around the Fourth of July. I am hungering for potatoes because we are in the “in between” season when the storage potatoes are done but before the new plantings are producing. It’s a nice break after a winter of eating potatoes frequently, but by the end of it I am missing them.

    The squash looks beautiful. You certainly had a bountiful harvest this week.

  4. Allison @ Novice Life Says:

    Gosh everything looks great I don’t even know where to being to comment. Don’t you just love, though, how the tomatillos look as they grow!!

  5. Barbie Says:

    Your tomatillo are REALLY upright. I’m trying to remember at what point mine sprawl. Just seems like I’ve been trying to contain them forever!

  6. nartaya Says:

    Your havest is great! The eggplants lok so healthy and lush.

  7. Daphne Says:

    I love your onions. I can’t wait until mine are ready, but I’ve got at least a month, maybe more until then. I confess to loving squash casserole that has milk (well soy milk, but still) and eggs. I think of it as a pumpkin pie but I can get away with eating it during my meal and still call it a vegetable.

  8. randomgardener Says:

    Beautiful squashes! Looking forward to the squash recipe.

  9. meemsnyc Says:

    I should wait to plant my eggplant, squashes and tomatoes also until they are much larger. So many little seedlings got planted in our garden when I started to see true leaves, and then to find out that slugs and other bugs have eaten all the leaves off. So frustrating!! Do you eat the leaves of the celery? If so, how do you prepare / cook it. Chimichurri sauce sounds amazing. Could you share the recipe?

  10. mac Says:

    Beautiful squashes, the onions look great, nice harvest.

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