July 10: Weekly Garden Update


Eggplants, Cucumbers

Tomatoes, Dill


Bits & Pieces

Yet another day this week

Green Beans

March of the Tomatoes

We sprayed tomatoes with copper fungicide to ward off the (inevitable) decline due to fungus as long as possible.  We also sprayed summer squash stems with BT – which didn’t help, they died later in the week.  So far we’ve found nothing that is a good preventative for squash vine borers.  Once you get them, that’s it, adios, vaya con dios amigo.  So the last two summer squash plants are gone, but that’s ok, we have a refrigerator drawer still full of squash.  I’ve truly enjoyed eating them in a dozen different ways, but by the time they’re gone I’ll be sated with respect to my lust for them.

Peppers & Tomatillos

Tomato Box


We sprayed tomatoes with calcium magnesium solution (on yet another day).  We probably won’t have to do this again, as few of the tomatoes are showing any sign of possible blossom end rot.


5' Pepper Plants

We sprayed everything with fish emulsion.  Our plants are generally looking much healthier this year than in previous years, especially the peppers.  We think perhaps the most significant improvement is our being more consistent with fertilization this year.  Some pepper plants have reached 5’ in height.  I find the lies told on seed packets to be amusing, one of our most notorious ones is the pepper seed packet that says “Peppers – height:  15 inches”.

Long Pepper

Downy mildew has been confirmed in the county next to us and in several other NC counties.  Folks are being advised to spray their cucurbits and melons with an anti-fungicide as a preventative measure.  We went back and sprayed (yet again, perhaps we’re skunks at heart) everything that can be sprayed with copper fungicide (in addition to the tomatoes noted above which always get the fungal stuff that tomatoes in the south tend to get).

We planted out the winter and summer squash and watermelons that we’ve been nursing in the basement grow station.  We also planted a trellis-width worth of old dutch half-runner beans where the summer squash were, and a number of blue lake bush beans.

Potato Box ready for Harvesting

After our rainstorm on Thursady, several potatoes were just sitting on the ground – apparently the dirt was just washed away from them in the downpour.  We ended up harvesting a little over 2 lbs of potatoes exposed in this manner.  We were gonna harvest two of our three potato boxes this weekend, but it’s too wet and we’re gonna wait until things dry out in a couple days.


One of our eggplants has three fruit growing on it.  Another has a harvestable long purple on it.  The eggplant “plants” are larger and healthier than we’ve ever had before – I attribute it to putting them out significantly later, which resulted in a larger plant better able to take care of itself when it was exposed to the elements.  We’re gonna be just rollin’ in eggplants in a couple of weeks.

Flower 1

Okra Flower

Flowers in the Apple Orchard

The flowers we have in the front yard, and also in the garden itself, fascinate me.

Amazing Asparagus Ferns

Winter Squash



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11 Responses to “July 10: Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Mike Says:

    5′ tall pepper plants…simply amazing. It looks as though you are getting some very nice harvests off the garden this season.

  2. Allison @ Novice Life Says:

    Wow your asparagus ferns are beautiful! And your Basil looks so nice and healthy. Great harvest!

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    Squash vine borers are a real pain and I have yet to hear of anyone finding a truly effective method of stopping them once they hit a plant. Most of the time though, everyone is so tired of squash at that point, that no one really grieves all that hard for the loss.

    Your garden is looking wonderful and the produce is steady and filled with a lot of variety. Your garden is giving you a report card with a big A plus on it!

  4. Veggie PAK Says:

    Great looking garden! I like how the squash vines just go very straight out from the root base like they’re on their way to somewhere. My pumpkins did that last year.

    “…lies on the seed packets…” I love that!

    I saw where you asked Daphne about where she got her prices for veggie costs. I’m in Hampton Roads Virginia and I get mine from Harris-Teeter supermarkets. They have the best organic selection of vegetables and fruits of any stores around here. Since we’re so close, maybe Harris-Teeters are in NC. I would like to see what a Whole Foods market contains. I hear so much about them.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      Harris Teeter and Whole Foods are the two main stores from which we buy groceries that we don’t get at the Farmer’s Market. Whole Foods tends to be a bit less expensive than H-T for organic veggies and the quality is generally better because there’s faster turnover at WF, but for certain items, H-T is the lesser-priced option. It’s worth paying attention to prices 🙂

  5. Hanni Says:

    Whoa…5 foot peppers? I’d say whatever you are fertilizing with does the trick! 🙂

  6. Daphne Says:

    Wow look at all those harvests. Summer is about to hit here. I saw the first two vine borers the other day. One male and one female. I’ve got aluminum foil under my zucchini plants in hopes of confusing them. And ones has netting thrown around it. They can still get in mind you but I can only hope. Last year they got to my zukes way too early. I haven’t seen eggs yet, but I’m sure I will. Then in a week I’ll start seeing frass than it won’t be long before they start to fail. I’ll find those nasty things though and split the stem and kill them. I hope the zukes survive though. Some times they do. Last year they lived well enough to produce small zukes. Not big ones, but tiny ones.It was something.

  7. Sherry Says:

    Nice harvests!
    Things look great in the garden,especially the asparagus ferns. They look so lush!

  8. Robin Says:

    Your garden is looking great! Wow, a pepper plant that’s 5′ tall!! I’ve never heard of a pepper plant growing that tall. They must love your soil! I’ve managed to get 2 zucchinis so far this year. Last year nothing due to those darn SVB’s! I’ve been trying to give the plants a good inspection for eggs every couple of days.

    I think that we are all going to have to be skunks this year to ward off all of the pending problems from the weather!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thomas Says:

    Great harvest! I’m so jealous of your tomatoes. Our cherries are just starting to come in. I’ve been spraying my melons and cukes with copper fungicide as well. It seems to be having limited affect. It’s slowing down the infection but not curing it.

  10. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow! I use fish emulsion too but my tomatoes don’t look like that. Wow! How often do you use it? Your harvest looks amazing!

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