28 August Weekly Update

Irene failed to provide us with the rain we need.  We got less than half an inch, and had been hoping it would be close enough to get 2-3 inches.  It was somewhat windy yesterday.  Other than that, it was (for us) a non-event.

Beans, peas, butter beans, peppers

Yes we have no bananas

Peas & Butter Beans

Daily Harvest

Pepper Fest continues!  I feel somewhat like Peter Piper.  We continue to have daily pickings. As you can see from the pictures, we’re getting a real mix of stuff from the garden, including but not limited to:  eggplant, field peas, butter beans, tomatoes, blue lake bush beans, old dutch half-runner beans, cayenne, jalapeno, anaheim, italian relleno, bell, serrano, habanero, pimiento, and cherry bomb peppers.  So far we’ve put up 17 meals worth of peas & butter beans.  We had green beans fresh for dinner, and I put up 2 more pints as well.

Butter beans in the pail

And *again*

Fruits of the morning

Green Beans

Peppers plus

Our second succession of yellow summer squash have a few female flowers forming.  Hopefully our efforts to keep SVB (squash vine borers) away by using Kaolin clay will be successful and result in at least a few squash.  We transplanted a couple of volunteer squash into a box.  The acorn squash succumbed to SVBs.  One of the volunteer butternut squash fruits was looking a bit shrively so we dug through the vines to investigate.  It had somehow detached from the vine even though it was resting on the ground.  Disappointing — it was already the size of a large yellow crookneck.

We did some research on winter squash and have determined we will no longer plant C. pepo can C. maxima varieties due to SVBs.  C. moschata and C. mixta varieties have some resistance due to having stems that aren’t hollow and these are the varieties we’ll be selecting from in the future.  We’ll still plant C. pepo summer squash varieties by planting out transplants as soon as possible in the spring (and next year we’ll be dipping them into kaolin clay slurry first).

One box of tomatoes has been pruned and we’ll do the others soon.

Isn’t it lovely how the morning sunlight is the same color as the squash blossoms?

Morning Light in the Garden

Morning Light 2

Garden after the Storm


Black Jack Fig

Asparagus Bed

Succession planting in action, mostly root crops

We also had an earthquake this week.  It was the first for one of us, and ho-hum for other (who comes from California).  Our best wishes and hopes to anyone affected this week either by the earthquake or the hurricane.



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5 Responses to “28 August Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Glad Irene did not do damage, but sorry she did not leave you with some usable amounts of rain. It’s been a week for you folks on the eastern side of the US – first a shake and then a hurricane.

    Your pepper harvests are marvelous and so abundant. The butter beans look delicious too!

    Thanks for the info on the c. moschata and c. mixta varieties of squash and their resistance to SVB. SVB are not a problem in my area (so far) but that is a nice little tidbit of info.

  2. marcia Says:

    We got 4 inches according to my rain gauge here in MD and have been without power since 12 am Sunday. Lucky for a generator.

    You have had a good harvest week. Can’t say the same for mine! Oh well, there’s always another year.

  3. Allison @ Novice Life Says:

    I just LOVE when the morning light hits 🙂

    Your harvests look wonderful!

  4. Barbie Says:

    Oh, That reminds me I finally got to eat a fresh fig. The kids seemed to like it and I enjoyed it. Not sure what I’d do with a whole tree though. LOL. Lovely pictures. Beautiful peppers and beans! Something (evil shedevil I suspect) is stealing all my lima/butter beans as they come to. I’m very sad about this.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful harvest. Your beans look glorious.

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