4 September Weekly Garden Update

In the fall a young deer’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of new forage. (apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

"eat me" cried the plants

Or at least that’s our experience here.  As we turn the season the deer are once again beginning to predate – not only upon our green bean plants, but upon our butter bean plants as well.  I commented last year that I’d never seen such a thing before, but this year it occurred to me that as a child on the farm we almost never had either kind of plant so late in the season.  With our yard garden, we can afford to nurture them along, and wait to see how much production we get.

Deer ravaged green bean plants

As a child we planted multiple 50-100′ rows of such things.  After the first couple of harvests my mother and I would surreptitiously begin to pull up every 4th or 5th plant in hopes that my father wouldn’t notice, thereby reducing how much we had to pick and shell.

So we’ve started putting up some extra netting, and strategically placing trellises at the ends of rows to turn the garden into more of a maze.  We’ll see if it has any effect.

And now to the weekly harvests:



Mmmmm, Basil

Late Summer Harvest 1

Late Summer Harvest 2

Late Summer Harvest 3

Late Summer Harvest 4

Yes, a 5th day

And a 6th

Yet another one

It would be more convenient for the pictures if we could do all of this at one time, or save it all up, but over the week all this starts to really add up.

Basil, field peas, butter beans, peppers of all kinds, green beans (haricot vert, blue lake bush, and old dutch half-runner), tomatillos, tomatoes, okra, herbs.

Purple jalapenos?

These two look for all the world like purple jalapenos, but they were growing on another type of pepper plant, so we just have no idea.

The blue lake bush beans are producing well this year.   If the deer don’t eat all the plants we should be harvesting them for some weeks yet.  I put up 7 pints of green beans this week alone.

Canned goods

We also put up:  1 pint of pickled jalapenos, 9 jelly jars of Hot Kitten pepper jelly (it thinks it’s hot; but it’s not), 4 jars of “madoudou witch sauce” — a hot sauce made from a mixture of all the hot peppers we have (hotter than hell).  A couple weeks ago we put up some more of our “Instant Karma” hot pepper jelly made from habanero and cherry bomb peppers. The basil was used to make more pesto (frozen for winter use); the other half of it was given to co-workers.  Several bags of butter beans and field peas were shelled, blanched, and frozen.  Tomorrow will be more roasted canned sweet peppers (bell & pimiento types).  I made tomato sauce twice this week as well.

"Hot kitten" pepper jelly

Hot sauce pepper mash in the pot

These pepper stems look like little "elf hats" all piled up

The tomato plants got another pruning.

A second fruit on the volunteer squash became detached and started rotting.  We’re down to only one fruit on the vines now (though we have lots of flowers), but it’s a big one.  It seems likely that it is a volunteer of the “butternut rogosa violina gioia” squash we grew last year and really enjoyed.  We think the shriveling problem is a lack of sufficient pollination.

Front boxes

Swiss chard

A pepper nestled in the leaves

Squash flower


Up the aisle


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3 Responses to “4 September Weekly Garden Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Sorry the deer are giving your beans such a bad time! I am impressed with the amount and variety of peppers you are harvesting each week. The hot kitten jelly cracked me up – thinks it’s hot but is not! I really like pepper jelly but I am the only one that actually eats it in the house so making a batch is not such a good idea for us.

  2. Jody Says:

    You have a beautiful garden. Like us you have lots of hot pepper stuff. We pickle jalapenos, make jabenero jelly and use our tomatoes to make salsa. Would you share the recipe for that pepper mash you pictured.

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