23 October — Weekly Garden Update

I keep expecting Fall to get into full swing, and it keeps being tentative.  Sure, some leaves are falling, temperatures are no longer in the 80s, and there is some color to the trees, but as an event Fall has been pretty much a no-show so far this year.  We haven’t even had a frost yet.  Given that Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, this means I end up looking wistfully out of the window fairly often.

The hummingbirds are gone for the season — we haven’t seen a hummingbird in several weeks now.  I’ve gotten a craving for a turkey sandwich, but with Thanksgiving coming up next month there is no way we’re cooking a turkey this month, so I just have to wait.  I dug out “The Old Man and the Boy” this week and reread it for the umpteenth time:  Fall features heavily in the book, so I got some vicarious pleasure there.

We went to the NC State Fair yesterday.  As usual we never played a game or rode a ride on the midways.  Instead we do a walking tour of our favorite stuff to eat while spending much time in the agricultural exhibits.  Our perennial favorites include the goat show, the dairy cow show, the rabbit barn, various other animal exhibits, the flower show, the various arts and crafts exhibits (including the competitions like canning & preserving, baking, sewing, quilting, cake decoration, etc), and the Village of Yesteryeare (all vendors are hand craftsmen covering a wide variety of skills).  We saw a duck as big as a goose yesterday, and got draft rootbear, and had a grand old time.



Radishes, tomatillos, field peas, butter beans, greens, peppers, green beans, long purple eggplants, black beauty eggplants, basil.

Beans & Peas


Pile of Vegetables

And some more...

I canned 7 pints of sweet red peppers this week.  This time I tried chopping them before canning them.  One jar didn’t seal, so we put some of the canned peppers on our pizzas last night, and they were good.  Hopefully they’ll be just as good in 6 months.

Most of the green tomatoes have been ripening on the counter — a few have been tossed, but the vast majority have been doing well, making for fresh tomatoes on biscuits in the past week as well as tomato/basil/mozzarella salad.


The Garlic is coming up in both boxes!  All of it looks great.

Again this week we sprayed BT on the brussels sprouts.  We also sprayed all the winter crops with fish emulsion to fertilize.  The last 2 cucumber plants, 1 pepper plant, and the last of the blue lake bush beans all go pulled up.





Garden 1



Porch rail Cilantro

Porch rail - Lettuce



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2 Responses to “23 October — Weekly Garden Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    We are definitely in fall in our area. Our Japanese maples are turning and one of them is brilliant glow in the dark red at the moment. Cool rains, and gloomy skies… lots of fall colors on the trees and underbrush…. fall in the maritime pacific northwest. Enjoy your residual summerlike weather once gone it is a long time before we see it again.

    Your harvests look good and as usual your pepper harvests and uses are awe inspiring!

  2. Daphne Says:

    Oh how I miss my green beans. Next year I’m going to have to plant some bush beans and I can get them to produce in the fall better than my pole beans. By the fall they have petered out too much.

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