30 October – Weekly Garden Update

Sweet Peppers!

It got down to 31 degrees last night here, our first dip below the 32 degree mark.  With not only the “whethermen” heralding a freeze last night, but our friendly local farmers suggesting that it was going to freeze we got out yesterday afternoon and picked everything that we didn’t think could survive a frost.

Hot peppers

The last harvest of the season for our eggplants (they were still flowering), green beans, butter beans, field peas, and peppers (again with the flowering).   We pulled up the eggplants, green beans, butter beans, and field peas, and started on the pepper plants but we ran out of time and wanted to focus on getting the pickings inside.

Cayennes - prepped for drying

We have another frost warning for tonight.

The pictures of these peppers don’t really convey the quantity we got off the plants yesterday.  We have 8-10 gallons of peppers easy.  One whole tray of just cayennes to dry, and another of serranos.  Jalepenos.  Cherry bombs, habaneros, anchos, anaheims, italian rellenos, various bell pappers.  We have lots of undeveloped tabascos still and these are the only pepper plants spared yesterday.  I don’t really expect them to survive but I’ve harvested tabascos twice this year already and if perchance they make it, I’ll have a lot more later.

Bucket of mixed peppers

Large pail of Peppers - Anaheims, Italian Rellenos, etc.

Cherry Bomb peppers

Earlier in the week we have picked:  Tomatillos, dill, 1 small watermelon ripeness unknown, old dutch half-runner green beans, butter beans, field peas, eggplants, basil, cilantro, parsley, swiss chard, and several different lettuce harvests (we’re in the green with salads again).

Butter Beans

Field Peas

We removed the tomatillo vines earlier this week as well.  Two of the five had already died.  The last harvest of tomatillos yielded even more than expected, and we got 5 pints of salsa verde out of them.



Peas & Butter Beans

Eggplants, peppers, green beans, etc.

More peppers, including green habaneros


More lettuces

Swiss Chard

A day of fall harvest

Lone melon

We removed the broccoli raab plants.  They were flowering very quickly, plus we’ve decided we prefer other greens.   We picked the only melon, and pulled up all the melon vines (it has been an awful melon year for us).   Aphids continue to be a problem for some of the collard and mustard plants.  We sprayed with Neem again, making sure to get all sides of the leaves on the heavily infested plants.  Radish plants that haven’t started making radishes got yanked.  Some of the beets are “bulbing up”, and we have high hopes (like the famous ant) that we’ll get actual beets this try.

We mowed some leaves, just enough to put a light covering of leaf mulch over the garlic beds.

This year we canned some snow peas and sugar snap peas.  Our consensus is that they don’t can as well as green beans — good for putting in stir fries and maybe soups, but not something that holds up well by themselves.


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7 Responses to “30 October – Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Mike Says:

    Beautiful veggies. That is an amazing amount of cayenne peppers you have there. Ours did fairly well this year, I think the cayenne is my favorite…just hot enough but not too hot.

  2. Robin Says:

    What a great harvest week for you! Hopefully you’ll get some fall beets to enjoy!

  3. Barbie Says:

    An amazing end of summer harvest. I can’t wait to hear that you have beats finally!

  4. Shanon Says:

    Stopping by via Daphne’s. I can’t get over all those peppers – wow! Good for you! –S

  5. emily Says:

    Wow, what a harvest! Thanks for the pepper sauce recipe too.

  6. Mary Hysong Says:

    Beautiful harvest, how big is your garden, anyway? My beans are coming out and peas are going in. I found you through Daphne’s Harvest Monday

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