20 November – weekly update & Thanksgiving Pre-show


Minor harvests this week — lettuce and chinese kale.

Chinese Kale

She sauteed the chinese kale in about 10 minutes and it was delicious.  I’m used to seeing greens braised longer than that, and it was a nice change.

The perverse garden trolls must be reading our blog because the day after we posted about how seed packets lie and the broccoli *still* had produced no heads, a trip to the garden revealed the beginning of the formation of 1 lone broccoli head.

I think it’s because we’re trying to grow heirloom plants instead of modern varieties in an area which isn’t greatly suited for broccoli & cauliflower growth.  It’s also the only explanation I have of how southern California can grow miles of broccoli and cauliflower year-round in an area which does not qualify as “cool weather”.

Covered small boxes

Plant Shrouds

It got down to the mid 20s two nights this week.  We covered up most of our boxes with row cover.  I’m very pleased that the parsley, cilantro, and lettuces on our porch rails don’t appear to be affected, and the smattering of carrots and beets that didn’t get covered up look just as good as the ones that did.

Thanksgiving preparations have begun!  The 20-lb turkey is sitting in the refrigerator on a cookie sheet, slowly defrosting.  We’ll brine it on Tuesday and cook it on Wednesday.  We have the motley collection of stale hardened bread crusts for the dressing (the not-a-stuffing we make), along with lots of dried sage from the garden.  The bread, cheese, and milk have been obtained for the making of the Cheese pudding, and we got the large bag of potatoes for the mashed potatoes.  Later this week we’ll braise the greens.  I still need to get some fresh tarragon so that I can make some bearnaise sauce as a gravy alternative.

When all is said and done we’ll be ready for hot turkey slices, turkey hash, turkey sandwiches, and if we get desperate for a change, some turkey divan

Thursday we’ll be at my Uncle’s house, an annual excursion that we delight in.  On the way we’ll listen to Alice’s Restaurant in the car (like always), and we’ll take mashed potatoes (like always).  My Aunt will have prepared a Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat (like always), and we’ll all sip wine and get caught up with one another.  I hope your week is as good as ours is gonna be.


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9 Responses to “20 November – weekly update & Thanksgiving Pre-show”

  1. Robin Says:

    Sounds wonderful! I hope that you have a great time with your family!

  2. Norma Chang Says:

    Quick cooking of freshly harvested green are so delicious. Wish I had some Chinese kale in my garden, will have to wait until next year. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. leduesorelle Says:

    Chinese kale, something new to add to next year’s planting list! It seems that heirloom plants are extremely sensitive to germinating and growing conditions, they haven’t had that bred out of them. In a way, it means they’re exquisitely adapted to wherever they’re originally from. We’re considering sprouting broccoli, a perennial vegetable, instead. Happy feasting!

  4. kitsapFG Says:

    Glad to hear so much of your feast will be coming from your garden. You have some great holiday traditions which is what makes the day extra special. Like you, we have been prepping this week which is why I did not do a mid week blog post this week – too busy cleaning out the various rooms in the house as we are hosting and will have overnight guests. Like you, we are also basically done now except for the cooking so I can slow down a bit and enjoy the “doing”.

    The greens look tasty. We got our first freeze and frost yesterday and like always winter came on instantly. Got down to mid 20’s but everything did great in the garden – even those items that are uncovered (tree kale was amazing in how it managed).

    On the broccoli, the timing on the packets is in reference to the spring growing season which has increasing day length and sun strength. Fall crops are tricky as you cannot go by the published “average days to maturity” because you are dealing with decreasing sun strength and ever increasing shortened day length. I always add 3 to 4 weeks to the growing time on my fall crops – more if I start them quite late (September). So don’t give up! Just keep the plants protected as they are cool but not freezing lovers!

  5. Wilderness Says:

    Glad your plants are starting to head up.

  6. Barbie Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. maryhysong Says:

    We’re only down to barely freezing some nights but it is getting grey and blustery; might have a ‘traditional’ white Thanksgiving, which hasn’t happened in several years….Hoping my row covers come in pretty soon!

  8. Michelle Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, even though I’m doing most of the work. And leftover turkey… enchiladas, sandwiches, soup… mmmm!

  9. My Urban Gardens Says:

    Have a happy Thanksgiving! Sounds really yummy!


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