27 Nov. Weekly Update & Post-Thanksgiving Stupor

We used celery, parsley, and lettuce from the garden this week, along with some greens; all as part of our Thanksgiving cooking.  Other garden activity has been pretty quiet.


We did remove the row covers after the temperature recovered.  We picked excess leaves out of the lettuce box:  we learned last year that too many leaves will cause rot on the lettuce if they’re wet.  A 2nd head of broccoli is finally forming!  More garlic got leaf mulch.

Assorted Greens

Assorted Picked & Washed Lettuces

Thanksgiving itself was wonderful.  We had a lovely time at my Aunt & Uncle’s house, and got to visit with relatives we regretfully don’t get to see as often as we’d like.

We cooked our own turkey on Wednesday.  After it had rested for several hours we removed all the meat from the carcass, then made fabulous turkey stock with the addition of celery leaves, an onion, and some water.  Gravy made from a combination of the turkey drippings and turkey stock has a flavor and character that just kicks any retail chicken broth to the curb.  In addition to the nearly 2 quarts of turkey gravy we made we also froze 6 containers of turkey stock for later.

I further refined my dressing recipe this year.  I’ll edit the changes into our posted recipe, but basically I removed all milk and eggs by pouring boiling water over the cornmeal until it was the texture of a thick non-pourable batter, then using that instead of the cooked cornbread that I’ve always used before.  The texture and flavor of the dressing this year is better than it has ever been, and it keeps much longer as a fresh “remains of the day” than it did before.  The mushroom/sage olive oil I used didn’t hurt either. And I’ll say it again:  celery you grow yourself has infinitely more flavor and snap than the tasteless store-bought stuff.  Friday we had Thanksgiving Dinner here.


We’ve been eating “Remains of the Day” all weekend — haven’t gotten tired of any of it yet.

We got a LOT of hits on Thanksgiving Day, mostly on recipes.  I guess people were doing last-minute cooking and checking things, but that’s awfully short notice.  Maybe there were just all these people going “well what do other recipes say? or “how do you really make *that* anyway”.


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3 Responses to “27 Nov. Weekly Update & Post-Thanksgiving Stupor”

  1. maryhysong Says:

    oh yummy salad greens! That’s what I love about this time of year, lettuce only grows here in the winter and I haven’t found a hot weather raw salad green that I like enough to take it’s place.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Your lettuces look beautiful and abundant. I heartily second your comment about home grown celery. Not to mentiont that most celery purchased in a store has over 60 pesticides on it. Celery is one of those crops that really rewards the grower for taking the time to include it in the garden. We cut some young stalks of celery from our garden on Thanksgiving morning and used it in the Waldorf salad I made – the frozen diced celery was used in the sage/bread stuffing. Delicious!

  3. Norma Chang Says:

    Lovely collection of greens. Everything taste better home grown.

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