18 December Weekly Update

All is quiet on the Garden Front.

We’ve been living off the produce we picked last week, as well as all the canned and frozen goods we made this year which are in their basement repositories.  The carrots are particularly tasty.  At this point we have enough greens cooked and frozen to last us for months.  We’ve been asked to bring our canned green beans to christmas eve dinner at my father’s house.

The only gardening type thing we did this week was make some more mung beans sprouts and we forgot to shoot a picture of that.  So this week’s update is without photos, alas.

We’re starting to decorate for christmas; the exterior lights, the wreaths, and the moravian star are all up.  We’ll decorate inside and put up the Tree on Tuesday; then hang the ornaments on it while drinking egg nog and listing to seasonal music – something I’ve done every year of my life.  In fact, my earliest memory is my first tree and and the ornaments on it while my mother stands nearby.  I couldn’t even walk yet.  We’ll hang the stockings with care, knowing for a fact that Santa (Good ole St. Nick!) is coming.  Even the dog gets a stocking.

I’ve been looking for programmable high quality christmas tree lights to replace the ones I bought over a decade ago – these are pretty much just plain worn out now.  I have loved them because not only can you make them blink, or flash, or chase in sequence, but you can make them slowly dim and brighten by color, so slowly that it barely makes an impact on your vision until they’re different.  I’ve searched in vain for a couple of years now for lights with similar versatility – but this year I found them, after over an hour’s search on Google (and that is an eternity for a google search).  There is an excellent company that is now making modular holiday light systems.  I bought a series of 5-color LED tree lights on a string, with an accompanying power supply and a 10-function controller with speed adjustment.  If you’re interested, the company is environmentallights.com, and they’re based out of California.  I’ll report on them later, after we put up the tree.  If we like them, I’m gonna replace and augment our exterior lights (limited though they are) over time.

This week will also feature another round of holiday cooking, for the most part the same stuff as we did at Thanksgiving.  By the time we’re done with this turkey and the current ham we’ll have had enough of those until approximately April.

My son gets here on Monday, and I’m really looking forward to his visit.  It’s his freshman year at a military college, and I can’t wait to see him.

The weather here has varied from 27 to 70 in the past 7 days.  Not expecting a white christmas, either.

This coming week we’ll be starting the Onion Seeds!  We need to clean up the basement seed area, and get everything pristine.  The onion seeds will just be the first of a series of plantings in preparation for the 2012 spring growing season.

Ho Ho Ho to all of you!



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2 Responses to “18 December Weekly Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    How lovely to be able to start onion seeds in December and to be thinking about spring planting already. You have a much longer growing season than I do.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Your holiday traditions are much the same as ours, only the tree is an artificial one and we do the holiday decorating the day after Thanksgiving (no shopping on Black Friday for us!). My daughter is coming home from Pennsylvania where she has been living and attending university. We originally did not think we would be seeing her at all for the holidays – so I am doubly happy about this change in plans.

    Happy holidays to you and your family. May your garden grow not only nutritious and tasty food – but happiness and quality time spent together too.

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