8 January, Weekly Update


Carrots, lettuces, a few tiny broccoli (used in a pasta dish):  these are what we harvested this week.


Because of impending cold weather (which got down to 17 degrees F), we cleared a side box which we hadn’t planned to keep covered of its carrots.  The carrots are smallish but a decent size for us; and the flavor is excellent.

Onions started sprouting just 4 days after being seeded in the basement.  We now have our lighting setup going 12 hours a day (7 am to 7 pm).  More spring crops will be started in another week or so.

Our washing machine started going bad last week (no it’s not drinking, smoking and cursing, but it did start having a bad rubber burning smell).  Given the costs of repairing a 14-year old washing machine, we started researching a new one.  Why is it that in this world you can’t choose to spend more money on a better quality, higher functionality item instead of seeing extra money go to bells and whistles you don’t need.  The last thing I need is a washing machine that has “apps” and will call my smart phone (only one of us even *has* a “smart” phone).  The lowest end machines (for price) have obviously poor design, baskets and agitators made from cheap materials (really flimsy plastic in at least one case), and a lack of necessary features.  Higher end machines add things we have no desire or need for:  we don’t need 14 washing cycles, multiple computer boards, apps, etc.

We strongly desire a stainless steel basket, the ability to choose the water level in the basin, a delicates cycle (in addition to the 3 basic cycles), and a high level of construction design and materials quality with long performance and easily replaced modular parts. Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha.  I am being completely rhetorical when I ask “is it too much to ask?” because I am an old jaded cynic who tries to remember to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  The whole process of selecting a new washing machine rapidly becomes a microcosm of a lot of what is wrong in today’s world.  Oh well.

I made a horseradish, mustard, salt, garlic, and parmesan paste to smear over our pork chops last night.  It was delicious.

Yesterday the weather got up over 70 degrees.  From 17 to 70 in less than a week makes for really odd January weather.


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8 Responses to “8 January, Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    Wow! 17 to 70 in one week is an amazing weather rollercoaster ride! We have been experiencing a more typical winter here this year (hurrah!) fairly mild and temps have been pretty much in our “normal” rate of just around freezing at night and mid 40’s during the day. Having a warmish day today so it should get close to 50 for the high.

    Had to laugh about the washing machine going “bad” – had visions of it joining a gang and starting a meth lab in your laundry room – LOL!

  2. Barbie Says:

    hehe- from the rubber smell maybe it IS starting a meth lab…. *snicker*

  3. Rick Says:

    I think carrots are at their peak of flavor this time of the year, enjoy them.

    We have the same frustration with appliances, can’t the just make a good solid machine that will last a long time. My in-laws had the same fridge for 30 years!!! Why can’t they make stuff like that any more? Or at least make them reasonable to repair. I’m with you!

  4. Diana Says:

    That is a warm weather in the middle of winter. Lovely harvest.

  5. Norma Chang Says:

    Your carrots and greens look sumptous.
    My washing machine is acting kinda funny and I have been looking around. Besides all the unwanted and unneeded bells and whistles I am also face with the issue of HD detergent which they all use and I am allergic to.

  6. Lynn's Urban Garden Diary Says:

    Serious? They can really call your “smart phone”? Why in the world would I want to get a phone call from my washer??? *snicker* I had to get a new washer and dryer about 5 years ago (luckily, before “smart phones” were popular! lol!!!). We went with a front load since I have a bad back and the top load hurt my back reaching into it. So far I have been pretty happy with it except for one thing recently. The stupid latch (about a $5.00 piece of plastic) broke on it because of stress after five years. The stupid thing cost $30.00 to buy (even though the manufacture quoted us $5.00 the day before if we wanted to have it shipped to us, but the next day when the appliance store called them, it had gone up to $30.00 *sigh*) Well, the thing would not work without the latch, so we had to get it. Luckily, Hubby was able to replace it himself, but it took a bit of work. Other than that, we have had little problems with it. Good luck on your search.


  7. Mark Willis Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call home from your Smart phone to your washing-machine when you are out somewhere and just order it to “Do the Washing, and make it snappy!” ?

  8. Kallie Says:

    Carrots are just one of those things I can’t seem to grow well! I might have better luck in containers, but my soil is too rich for them….xx

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