15 January – Weekly Update

Lettuces are the limit of our harvesting this week.  And at this point they’re used up as well, so until they start growing again in the spring we’re out of lettuces.  It is very nice to live in a place where we can grow them March to June, and October to December.  These January pickings were a nice bonus.

Lettuces to tempt El-ahrair-rah

We’ve been eating butter beans, cream peas, herbs, celery, tomato sauce, and winter squash from the larder this past week.  Every Friday we make a new menu for the next week, so that we know what (if anything) we need to purchase at stores on Saturday.  Then we post the menu on the refrigerator — all printed out nice with formatting and everything.  I’ve been saving the weekly menu print-outs for several years now, they make quite a stack of paper.

Here are some pictures of the onion seedlings under their lights in the basement:

Happy happy onion seedlings

Another tray of happy onions

Lights in a dark basement

Outside it is bright and sunny, but cold.  It was 24 degrees yesterday as a low.  In the container in the foreground here you can see a volunteer dill plant bravely attempting to become a perennial.

Winter Garden



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15 Responses to “15 January – Weekly Update”

  1. Veggie PAK Says:

    Wow! The onions are doing great! Nice setup!

  2. Wilderness Says:

    What a joy to have a long growing season. When did you start your onion seed. I am planning on getting mine going this week.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      We started the onions on December 27, a full month earlier than last year because we want to set out more mature onions this year. We plan to transplant these out in the first half of March, depending on what the weather is doing then.

  3. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    Any harvest is a great harvest! And those onions look wonderful! Maybe I’ll start some of those under my lights as well! Do you transplant them out when the weather warms?

  4. becky3086 Says:

    You are set up really well. I wish I had enough room to do that. Heck I wish I had a basement! The onions look great and I hope the dill makes it through until spring.

  5. kitsapFG Says:

    Jealous of that lettuce! We are currently just too cold at night for lettuces to grow well but I do have some coming along to fill in the gap soon. Your onion seedlings are a nice stand of healthy plants. I have been struggling to get mine to germinate this year. Not sure what is going on but I am on try number two at the moment and they are not exactly racing to emerge. I may have to reseed yet again.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      We had really early and quick germination this year. I think it’s because I put them on the heat mats this year. Last year I think I just set them on the table; they eventually germinated, but not as robustly as these. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow well! This past year was the first time we’ve grown what you would call a “real onion” and even most of those were smallish… Hence, trying to start them a bit earlier this year as well.

  6. GrafixMuse Says:

    I love seeing onion seedlings reaching towards the lights. Especially since they are the first seeds I sow for the spring garden.

    Beautiful lettuce harvest. I miss my greens.

  7. Lynn's SubUrban Garden Diary Says:

    Your lettuce looks great! Your onions look like they are coming along nicely too. I wish I had a basement.


  8. Rick Says:

    I’m jealous of your lettuce. It’s just too cold for lettuce for us this time of the year. Our lows are in the teens and the lettuce just can’t hold up.

    Your onions look great!!

  9. Norma Chang Says:

    Happy, happy onions. Lucky you can transplant out your onions early march our grounds may still be partially frozen.

  10. Julie Says:

    Nice to have fresh lettuce in January! I love the idea of your weekly menus and saving them.. maybe someday I can try to be that organized.

  11. spamwise Says:

    Ooooo, those lettuces look lovely. Like a modern day Rapunzel story.

  12. maryhysong Says:

    I’m having a lettuce gap as well; hoping to have more planted this fall to carry over this mid winter time next year. I’ve gotten so used to all the different flavors in my own salad mix that ordinary salad from the store tastes very bland!

  13. Kallie Says:

    Your onions look amazing! To me, lettuce is the most rewarding crop in the garden!

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