19 February Weekly Update

Take the covers off. Put the covers on. It’s still winter, no matter how mild it has been, and again tonight it is supposed to drop lower than freezing, and tomorrow night is supposed to be even colder. The whether-men are predicting snow flurries this afternoon; while it is gray and rainy I’ll believe it when I see it.  So this afternoon we put the covers back on.

We haven’t harvested anything this week though we are looking at broccoli and carrots that can be pulled whenever we want to eat them that night. Lettuces are holding their own, and we will be enjoying them soon. And of course the cabbages, though since temperatures dropped recently they aren’t growing as fast as they were before.

We plan to start hardening off the onions this week.

Peas are sprouting! We’ll probably have pictures for them next week.

We purchased a variety of fertilizers this weekend – seabird guano (high nitrogen) to fertilize the asparagus bed; a fertilizer for acid-loving plants (like blueberries & the azalea bushes); and something called “age-old grow” which we like to use in dilute amounts once the basement seedlings sprout. We also purchased more seed starting mix and will be starting our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants this week.

It is raining and I’m uninspired to go out into it and shoot pictures; and everything looks pretty much like it has the past couple of weeks anyway.  So no pictures this week, sorry.



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7 Responses to “19 February Weekly Update”

  1. Wilderness Says:

    Sounds like things will be read to eat shortly. How nice.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    It is hard to be enthused to take pictures of pretty much the same limited items week to week, especially when it is not very nice outside as well. Your winter crops sound like they are holding up very well, but that winter is hanging on more persistently than we are experiencing.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Sounds like theres plenty of movement happening and the good thing about bad weather is you don’t feel guilty about curling up with a book and cuppa tea.(thats my excuse)

  4. Norma Chang Says:

    I agree with Andrea, curl up with a book and cup a tea, I dislike going out to the garden when it is raining.

  5. maryhysong Says:

    I love cool rainy weather, it helps the garden so much, just seems to really encourage things to grow here. But of course better for people to cuddle next to the wood stove and have hot soup 😉

  6. Julie Says:

    I keep forgetting it’s winter and all my beds are uncovered.. then I check the weather and have to run out in the cold and dark and cover things up. Then two days later it’s up to 70F! I can’t keep up with it.

  7. Lynns Urban Garden Diary Says:

    We’re having these up and down temperatures too. My soil is workable, so I am beginning to wonder whether I should try planting a few things outside or not.

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