11 March Weekly Garden Update

Vanessa Redgrave is lying in my yard, singing “It’s May, It’s May, the lusty month of …” and I’m like “STOP.  It’s not even April, crazy lady, it’s early March.” The asparagus hasn’t even started to come up, and I don’t care if the Bradford Pears are starting to bloom – this is ridiculous.  A carpet of tiny blue flowers is covering my mossy front yard…

Flowers in May, errrm, March

Nonetheless we’re kicking the gardening thing into second gear this past week.  Not much picking of course, only a couple herbs.


-Some of the peppers have now germinated. As soon as we told you they weren’t, they started. She counsels patience, I’m like “yeah, yeah, Patience. How long does that take?”

Some seedlings (not peppers)

-We seeded more carrots & beets (a box worth)

-We put up trellises for the peas.

Peas, meet Trellis. Trellis, meet peas.

-We transplanted the pots of tulips out into the front yard near the maple.

-We sprouted mung beans for salads.

Mung Sprouts

-Radishes are Up and Growing! Hopefully the plants will make more actual radishes this year.

-We potted up almost all of the tomato plants we started on 2/19, as well as the tomatillos. Some tomato varieties didn’t germinate enough to provide the quantity of plants we need, so we’ll do a count today and restart seeds, particularly for the paste tomatoes (it appears). We’ll also do a pepper count and restart them as well.

-The summer squash got seeded. We started 2 zucchini, 5 yellow squash, and 6 patty pans. We’ll plant these out as early as possible in April since the SVBs always get to them by mid-summer.

And we have pictures for you!


Zen Master Turtle

Broccoli Flowers



Garlic Bed

Brussels Sprouts plant



Onion Box


Parsley, or maybe Cilantro, I forget.

Today I’m making chili red and something called “cowboy crackers”, which recipe I got from one of my favorite Aunts over Thanksgiving. I’m thinking they’ll go well together tonight. We had a veggie plate dinner this past week; it is exciting to be able to eating an entire meal that came from your Garden and was put away so that you could be doing it during early March.


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10 Responses to “11 March Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Robin Says:

    It looks like Spring has sprung and the gardening season has begun!

    I am going to sow my peas this week!

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    It does indeed look like May in your part of the world! That box of lettuces is so pretty – beautiful contrasts of colors and textures in it.

  3. Wilderness Says:

    Everything is looking so healthy. Looks like my garden I hope will look by the end of June.

  4. Norma Chang Says:

    You sure have been busy and have a lot growing in your garden. Cannot believe you already have cabbage forming.

  5. Rick Says:

    What a great harvest! Thanks for posting, it gives those of us that live in colder areas hope that we may be gardening soon!!

  6. maryhysong Says:

    Your garden is looking wonderful! I’m hoping that we’ll have a mild spring after that warm winter, otherwise things are going to be in for a terrible shock…

  7. crafty_cristy Says:

    I love the image of Vanessa Redgrave lying in your garden, singing. lol.

  8. Julie Says:

    Wow! Looks like you’ve been busy! I’m thinking I need to plant more peas based on your trellised bed.

  9. Barbie Says:

    😀 I love thatyou are thinking MAY already, but those of us South are not ready for that just yet! LOL.

  10. SubUrban Garden Diary Says:

    I know how you feel about the May part! It’s like that here too. Today we were in the 70’s and it looks like we are suppose to be in the 60’s and 70’s for possibly the nest 10 days. It’s gorgeous here! Your garden looks great! I hope mine looks that good soon.


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