24 March Weekly Garden Update

Magnificent Dandelions - I sing the body electric!

Flowers. Cabbages. Asparagus. Lettuces.

Fig leaves

We got ’em!

Cabbages and asparagus



We seeded even more radishes in front of the sugar snap peas in one box. In other locations we have radishes which are sprouting, and radishes which have real plants and are beginning to make.

I promised pictures of canned carrots.

10 Pints of Canned Carrots

We potted up numerous peppers, and now have 7 trays of seedlings under lights in the basement.

On Thursday, the Dark of the Moon, we planted potatoes.  3 Boxes! with 22 or 23 seed potatoes in each, individually hand-crafted and well-chitted.

A friend at work gave us 4 raspberry canes. We had decided last year to devote a long bed on the edge of the yard to a permanent raspberry bed this spring.  Hopefully they’ll grow, spread, and prosper!

A gallery of the garden…

Blue Vinca, we think

Garden 1

Garden 2

Dill Plant

Shelling Peas and Snow Peas



Swiss Chard



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2 Responses to “24 March Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Wilderness Says:

    Oh to have such beautiful fresh vegetables coming from the garden. 3 1/2 months maybe

  2. Robin Says:

    Your early spring garden is looking great! Boy, what I would do for some nice asparagus right now!

    I just love your long narrow beds. It must be easy to reach everything.

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