April 29 Weekly Garden Update

“Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends…”


Rabbits and hummingbirds returned this week; plus we have 2 birds that built their nest in our parsley box. By the time we noticed they had laid 3 eggs (and then later 3 more); now we have 6 baby birds and hostile territorial parents. Yes, we let them stay, soft-hearted and gullible that we are, sigh.

So out go the sugar syrup feeders for the hummingbirds, and the rabbits like to nibble in the yard in the early morning and at dusk.  The ticks are worse than they have been at this time of year in my living memory (that’s over a half century, ya’ll).

Horseradish plant

My horseradish plant apparently has too many roots and they’re all kind of spindly. I’ll be cutting all but 3 roots off of it today and putting it back in the ground.

Things I cannot believe:

a 6′ tall dill plant in April

6' Tall Dill Plant

a yellow squash on the vine, plus more blossoms


Yellow Squash Blossoms

potato plants this size in April

Potato Plants

The shelling peas are starting to flesh out, hopefully we’ll get oodles this spring.

Shelling Peas

I finished planting out the creeping thyme, so far all of it looks fairly happy, so I talk to them and say “spread and multiply and cover the earth and I will give you my blessing….”. I’m so glad it’s creeping thyme and not creepy thyme (visions of the thyme going “hey you!  yeah you! you wanna come see my etchings?)

Creeping Thyme

In harvesting news: Lettuces, cauliflower (it was not really making a head so we picked the individual florets of the plant. The third plant doesn’t show strong signs of doing much of anything), radishes (all of the rest of ’em. We had pretty good luck with the radishes this time. French breakfast and cherry belle varieties did much better than the sparkler variety in terms of making an actual radish of usual size (ROUS), sugar snap peas (a good handful every day adds up over a week!), garlic scapes, sprouted mung beans (inside).

Mung Bean Sprouts

Garlic Scapes

We roasted the scapes, then blendered them and mixed them in with cream cheese and herbs & spices.  Yummy spread.

More lettuces

Cauliflower sample, radishes, sugar snap peas.

We seeded cilantro. My seeded thyme and dill is coming up, my new lavender, oregano, and lemongrass plants all look good.

Flea beetles are *already* on the eggplant transplants so we sprayed them with Neem.

Because we were on vacation a month ago, we weren’t able to train the peas up the trellis as tightly as we usually do. As a result many of the peas fell over in some strong winds last week. We tied twine to one end of the trellis and “scooped up” all the plants about 2.5 feet above the ground and tied off the twine at the opposite end of the box. The peas are now securely against the trellis; hopefully it will make them happy.

We started our melons in the basement. They’ll go out at the beginning of June if all goes well. We also started hardening off the cucumbers and the last few pepper plants. They’ll get transplanted out very soon.

It’s after the frost date and the winter was mild. Naturally we got down to 34 degrees one day this past week.

Peas on a Trellis

Lettuce in a railing box


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10 Responses to “April 29 Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    Your garden is looking so lush, bountiful harvest. We have another freeze warning for tonight.

  2. crafty_cristy Says:

    I have squash flowers and a female flower just formed, but no actual squash yet. I am looking forward to good ol’ squash.

    6 foot tall dill is mind boggling! I had a little trouble with germination on my dill this year. I finally had to buy new seed. The seedlings are just barely out of the ground.

  3. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    Wow! Everything looks amazing! I tend to forget how far ahead of us you are out there! Your squash look fantastic!

  4. maryhysong Says:

    your garden is looking really wonderful; love those iris. My dill are tiny babies, not sure how they will do with the heat coming so will also plant some later and see if they overwinter.

  5. Barbie Says:

    Beautiful pea vines. I bet they’ll be so happy now!

  6. Prairie Cat Says:

    Your dill as huge! And wow, everything is coming along so quickly in your garden. Squash in April? Amazing.

  7. Jennie Says:

    everything looks beautiful! I’m jelous of your potatoes and squash!

  8. Daphne Says:

    The radishes look so cheerful. I’m hoping to be able to pick some this week. They are sizing up fast.

  9. kitsapfg Says:

    I am just amazed at how far along everything is! I know you are much warmer clime than I have, but it does seem to be much further along than I would expect in comparison to where our garden is at. Shaping up to be a good garden season for you.

  10. Loretta Says:

    Such nice things in your garden; the radishes look interesting!

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