Weekly Garden Update 5/6

Lots of stuff going on this week, we were so busy today I’m not posting until evening.

More Sugar Snaps and the first snow peas!

We transplanted out the last of the pepper plants plus a six pack of hot carribbean-style peppers we purchased. In order to be efficient with box space, we had to move a few of the kale and collard plants within a box. They recovered from the transplant shock quickly and are doing well.

Cauliflower and even more peas

We also moved a few baby lettuce plants within the lettuce box in order to make space for one row of cowpeas along one edge of the box (these get trellised so they need to be in a row). We then planted Monkey Tail cowpeas we got from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds (rareseeds.com). Planting this way will allow the cowpeas to start coming up while the lettuce is growing in the same box. Lettuce will be done by the beginning part of June due to the heat while the heat-loving cowpeas will be taking off.  Planning the garden like this allows us to maximize our space.

We had started six plants each of 3 varieties of cucumbers. They had varying success rates – one variety had 5 plants, one had only 2. We planted out the seedlings and direct seeded the additional seeds necessary to try to get 6 plants of each variety and the seeds were already coming up by the end of the week. In past years, I had always direct seeded the cucs right into their designated growing area but last year had limited success because the cucumber beetles were so bad that the little seedlings were very stressed. So this year we made the space under the lights available to start the seeds inside in order to plant out more mature plants. Hopefully our efforts will be fruitful.

We also planted the remaining leeks – 7 or 8 plants.

English Peas!

3 types of peas – sugar snaps, snow peas, and English (shelling) peas

Harvests:  a few small cauliflower florets, the first snow peas (several pickings), sugar snaps, cilantro, dill heads from the giant 6′ dill plant, first shelling (english) peas on Saturday.

Dill Heads

We also filled in the various beans that were seeded and are now up. Here and there when we don’t get 100% germination we go behind and reseed.

The tomatillo plant that accidentally broke when transplanting didn’t make it. The stem died. So we have “only” 3 tomatillo plants this year (which have already started making their little proper lanterns).

The cauliflower plant is producing many side shoots rather than one head. We harvested a good handful of the small florets.

A vole got one of the patty pan squash plants. On Wednesday morning where a plant had been the day before, only a vole hole existed. We spread warfarin to hopefully kill the little bastards.  One of the cayenne pepper plants also didn’t make it. It looked like it just kind of bent over on its main stem right above ground level. Don’t know if it had any type of critter help to do so.

The snow peas in one box had grown about 2 feet over their 4-foot trellis and in high winds on Tuesday night fell over the top of the trellis. We put a 6′ trellis just outside of the box and scooped them up onto it. This is the same batch of plants that had to be scooped with twine the opposite way a couple of weeks ago. Note: snow peas need 6′ trellis.

The new compost cages are up, we’ll try to get pictures next week.


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9 Responses to “Weekly Garden Update 5/6”

  1. novicelife Says:

    Those dill heads are gorgeous!

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    I am envious of your peas! We have sugar snaps up but they are only 2 to 4 inches tall and the shelling peas while bigger are also a long ways away from harvest.

    Sounds like you have been very busy with planting and making optimal use of your grow boxes.

  3. maryhysong Says:

    Lovely pea harvest. Peas at my house were not so hot this year. Most of the purple Sugar Magnolias were eaten by rabbits. Later plantings of them and shelling peas were eaten by birds, leaving like one plant in each spot. The winter sown Mammoth Melting snow peas did very well however. So next year I’ll do a lot more late fall/winter sown peas.

  4. pooks Says:

    You’re harvesting all the things I can’t wait to harvest in my first cool-season garden! I really look forward to seeing your compost cages, too.


  5. crafty_cristy Says:

    Tomatillos, that is cool! I may have to try those next year.

  6. Julie Says:

    Nice pea harvest! How much space do you devote to planting peas?

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      We have 2 long boxes (2′ x 12′) devoted to the 3 types of peas we’re growing. Just a single row of peas in each box (planted at the minimum recommended spacing, so they’re kind of dense).

  7. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    What a wonderful harvest and update! I’m jealous of your peas! Our plants are healthy, but aren’t producing any peas yet :-/ Happy harvesting!

  8. Norma Chang Says:

    Quite a collection of peas. My plants are only about 6 inches tall so will be a while before I have a harvest.

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