13 May – Weekly Update


The sheer variety of flowers we get through the course of the year remains a surprise to me. Most of them were planted before we moved here, and we’ve just continued to add to total.


Garlic scapes, lots of ’em. And we are in Peas! Snow peas, English Peas, Sugar Snap peas all got multiple pickings this week. Yummy!

Scapes & Peas

Two small broccoli heads, not a lot, but tasty. Part of a Yellow squash. Yup, you read that right. One squash didn’t get fully pollinated so we cut off the part that wasn’t forming right and kept the rest. Lettuces.  4 “test” carrots from thinning.

Peas, broccoli, squash

We sprayed the eggplant with neem again. Our last year’s post about eggplant at this time of year reminded us that we had covered the plants with row covers until the plants were fairly large to help protect them from flea beetles. We didn’t think of that for some reason this year -live and learn- and the plants are a bit stressed by the flea beetles.

Also looking at last year’s posts I realize we were already battling cucumber beetles and stink bugs in large numbers. This year (knock on wood) we haven’t seen either pest yet.

We had significant rainfall on Wednesday – 1.5 inches in less than an hour. It beat down a lot of the plants, but most of them are recovered already. We started 18 winter squash inside – 3 different varieties. Once more into the breech, my friends. We also restarted 4 melons that didn’t come up. The rest of the melons (14 starts) are doing well and will be planted out at the end of May or the beginning of June.

New compost “bins”

We moved one of the current compost piles into the new “bins”.

Also we added another row of horizontal twine to one of the pea boxes – about 2 feet up from the 1st row of twine to keep the peas up against the trellis better.

Garden 1

One of the overwintered cauliflower plants was done and we removed it. Also sprayed BT on the Kale which had a lot of little hatched caterpillars that come from the white moths you see in the garden in the early spring. The cucumber plants are growing well as are most of the pepper plants. It hasn’t been consistently hot enough for the peppers to really take off. Our little over achieving jalapeno plant already has 3 peppers growing! It was flowering in the basement before it got even hardened off, much less transplanted.


Several of the tomatoes are flowering and many of the potatoes have set buds. The tomatillos are producing little lanterns like crazy.




Garlic is starting to turn a bit brown at the edges and the onions are bulbing.

Potatoes – Onions

We have several yellow squash fruits that look like they’ll make actual squash. With a bit of luck we’ll harvest our first real squash for the season later this week.


More squash

A nice blueberry cluster on one of our plants:


Celery, ready to harvest whenever we are

Peas Peas Peas!

Black Peppermint

Creeping Thyme

Side Garden


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6 Responses to “13 May – Weekly Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    So much going ons in your garden, I am still waiting for our night time temp to stay above 50 so I can get my seedlings into the ground.
    That’s a lot of garlic scape, how do you usee them?

  2. maryhysong Says:

    Wow lots of stuff going on at your place; Oh I so love peas! Any way but canned 😉

  3. Allison Says:

    Your gardens always look great! I would love some garlic scapes right now!

  4. pooks Says:

    Your garden is ready to burst forth! Get ready to fill those baskets!

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    Lucky you getting both garlic scapes and peas too! Your new compost bin is inspiring me. I really really must construct something new this year. My old wire bins are falling apart. I need to do something a little more sturdy and with bigger or more bins.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      I’m not quite sure how sturdy these will be but I was tired of what we had – hardware cloth fashioned into a circle and plunked on the ground. Hardware cloth is nasty stuff…

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