27 May Weekly Garden Update

Peas Peas Peas

Weekly Harvests:  Young carrots, 1 wayward radish, lots of peas, lettuces, the very last of the greens (kale, mustard, collards), and broccoli. Herbs as needed.

Peas & Broccoli

We picked some of the carrots in the box being shared by peppers & cucumbers at one end. The carrot tops were towering over the peppers & cucs so we pulled up a few inches worth of carrots to thin and help out the summer crops. We picked all the peas that were left, then removed all the sugar snap and snow peas, rinse and repeat on the english shelling peas later.  Then we removed the last overwintered cauliflower plant.  After the harvest removed all the kale, mustard and collard plants, so they’re gone for the season like the peas.  Removed an additional cauliflower plant and a broccoli plant that obviously  weren’t going to make anything.

Peas & Carrots and one Wayward Radish



Behind all this removal we came in and planted blue lake bush beans, transplanted out the melon starts, planted butter beans, and then running conch field peas.

Cucumber plants

The cucumbers are starting to flower and we have a few peppers starting to form (I mean beyond the precocious jalapeno which now has harvestable peppers).


Even though it’s getting hot, we have left the rest of broccoli plants (6 total) because they’re still making little side shoots and we don’t need their space yet. The 2 remaining cauliflower are growing heads and doing well. We used clothes pins to pin the leaves and cover their heads.  One other plant that isn’t going to make is being left alive in the hopes that it might become a “decoy” for pests.

Garden 1

The squash aren’t being well pollinated; hopefully it’s still just the earliest ones, but we removed 3 baby squash with BER this week. I’m not really seeing bees when we’re out in the garden, so we’re a bit concerned about getting good pollination. We are seeing hummingbirds (though they don’t seem to be drinking much from their feeders strangely), and even saw two of them fornicating this week.

Garden 2

Garden 3

We have a bunny that comes out into the yard in the early light of morning and nibbles clover, then hops off after about 30 minutes. A young doe wandered in earlier this week, grazed over the clover as well, and eventually moved off through the woods. She carefully walked around the perimeter of the garden while we watched from inside.

No peas



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5 Responses to “27 May Weekly Garden Update”

  1. Prairie Cat Says:

    Your garden looks so lush! Glad to hear that those critters were more interested in the clover than your garden.

    We have seen a few hummingbirds around, but unfortunately for them, everything flowered here so early that by the time they came along, all the blooms were gone!

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    It’s a good thing the clover is so attractive to the bunnies and the deer. We periodically have rabbit troubles in our garden but I have a feral cat who has taken up residence with us (we feed him) and he seems to be keeping all the mice and rabbits and voles away (or removed). I cannot get close to him to pet him to thank him, but I think it is his way of thanking us for the food we give him twice a day. Luckily, deer do not come through our garden area at all.

    Your garden production is amazing. The peas in particular are beautiful. Our pea patch is starting to bloom and the snap peas are climbing but we have a while before we willl enjoy fresh peas. In the meantime, I will enjoy looking at yours!

  3. maryhysong Says:

    Oh love the peas and carrots! Your garden looks like it’s doing really well. Hope those deer and rabbits leave it alone!

  4. Daphne Says:

    Such beautiful peas. I can’t wait for my pea harvest. And I just couldn’t imagine a deer in our yard. We are in such an urban section.

  5. Susi Says:

    Nice size harvest. Your garden is so green and beautiful!

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