June 3, Weekly Update


We keep having different flowers.

Day Lily

More day lilies

And this week we had this lovely fairy mushroom.

Fairy Mushroom

And again

Harvests:  Beets, Squash, last of the broccoli, test  Carrots, new Potatoes (red pontiac), 4 jalapenos, all the overwintered celery that had started to flower. Dill, peppermint, sage, parsley, oregano are just some of the herbs we picked this week.

Blanched Celery

Peppers, potatoes, cauliflower, and celery

The beets are the best crop we’ve grown yet. We got 4 yellow squash and another couple of pattypans. The test carrots are some we thinned from the big patch; we’ll wait another couple of weeks to harvest the majority. The new potatoes we ate last night with slow-cooked lamb shanks and sherry gravy. A lot of the celery was too stringy; we composted it and chopped up the rest to blanch, freeze, and use in soups. We have 2 young plants in the garden to take a stalk or 2 for fresh eating.


Parsley, dill, squash

Beets & broccoli nibs


By last Monday 100% of the running conch field peas we had planted on Thursday had come up! Ditto for the vast majority of the butter beans.

We removed numerous small yellow squash & 2 pattypans that had BER (more than 12 total). Given that we’re starting to get real squash in the harvest we’re hoping this is just an early season problem that will soon rectify itself.

We spotted the first stink bugs on Monday – a mating pair were promptly squished. With any luck, those were an “adam & eve” pair in our garden and many fewer will be born in this year (yes, hope springs eternal…).

We picked the last tidbits of broccoli, removed the plants, and prepped the beds for melons and winter squash. Apropos of that, we restarted some of the winter squash. None of the Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck germinated (we tried for 4 seedlings) and we’d like to get a couple more long island cheese squash. This time I tried soaking the seeds in water for a few hours before planting them in the basement. On Wednesday we planted out the largest of the melon and winter squash plants that we’d been hardening off – 7 plants. They went into the small boxes in the front yard.

There were 2 small heads of cauliflower but some of the florets weren’t in the best of shape so we had to cut away the parts we’re willing to eat and compost the rest. The one plant we have left we didn’t think would make – naturally it has started making a head.

Onions – all fall down

The onion tops that hadn’t fallen over on their own got pushed over. We’ll harvest the onion crop the second weekend of June, weather permitting – you don’t want to pull onions after heavy rain because they’ll have too much moisture in them. The garlic will get harvested today or tomorrow.

All the tomatoes have been sprayed with calcium/magnesium, and fish emulsion.We have actual small green tomatoes on the vines, so the countdown to the first ripe tomato has started.

Creeping along

The creeping mother of thyme plants are visibly larger now.  All but one have lived. I will continue to track their growth. I want to know long long it takes to double them in size, and then how long to double in size again. Then I can start making plans on how long to cover the world.

Garden 1


Our first figs on our fig trees, ever


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18 Responses to “June 3, Weekly Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    Love the color of that first daylily. Are fairy mushrooms edible? Do you need to protect your fig tree during the winter?
    Your garden is so lovely, great harvest.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      For the love of god, don’t eat any mushrooms you find growing in your yard. There really is no such creature as a “fairy mushroom”, it’s my term for cute fungi that you might imagine seeing in a picture book of tiny fairies. We don’t protect our fig trees, I’ve grown black mission and blackjack figs, as well as the local brown turkey figs in this area for over 20 years; once they’re established (after the 1st year or so), they’re fine.

      Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    The flowers and fungi are beautiful. The harvest is good looking too! We have been on the potato famine since about late April and I am really hungry for potatoes at this point. Jealous of those new potatoes as a result. My plants are growing strong but have yet to even flower let alone size up any tubers. I will be waiting a while.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      We didn’t get much potato flowering this year either but the plants are starting to die back, especially the Red Pontiacs (we are also growing Kennebecs this year).

      This is the first year we’re really harvesting the new potatoes. We found that the potato crop keeps fairly decent in our basement, but not as long as we might like it to. So given the productivity of the garden throughout the year, we decided to eat more new potatoes now while the summer “crops” are coming in rather than trying to fit potatoes into the meal plan later this year when other things are still producing at high rates. Unless we’re able to have a true root cellar, growing our own potatoes for winter consumption isn’t very realistics for us since potatoes are harvested in mid July here – they just don’t keep until December…

  3. Barbie Says:

    Things are certainly moving along for you and all be darned if that doesn’t look like a stew to me… LOL. Enjoy!

  4. crafty_cristy Says:

    My middle daughter is interested in roly poly bugs (aka pill bugs) right now. In helping her study them, we learned that roly poly bugs only climb plants to eat the eggs of stink bugs. So if you see any on your plants, let them be and maybe they’ll help you. 🙂

  5. Julie Says:

    Very nice harvests! I love the hydrangea flower and pretty little mushroom.

  6. Holly @ Tasty Travels Says:

    Great harvest. My favorite is the cute mushrooms and your pattypan squash! I’m trying squash again. Last year was awful with our wet spring.

  7. Allison Says:

    That fairy mushroom is too cute! What kind of beets are you growing?

  8. thiscrazygarden Says:

    Your first Figs! How exciting!

  9. charmcitybalconygarden Says:

    I like the three legged carrot. it looks like it is skipping!

  10. Andrea Says:

    Mmmmm lamb shanks and new potatoes……….. Lovely harvest , all looks great in the garden. Good luck with pulling your onions and garlic.

  11. Barbara Good Says:

    I love your long narrow garden beds, they look very easy to work in and everything looks so healthy and green. You had a wonderful harvest by the sounds of it.

  12. maryhysong Says:

    What a great harvest week you’ve had! Yes that mushroom looks like something out of a children’s book illustration! I had the worst time in TX with the stink bugs; they ruined so many crops, tomatoes and even the sunflower seeds!

  13. Daphne Says:

    Very pretty harvests. I won’t be harvesting onions until August, two months after you do.

  14. Jenny Says:

    WOW! What a gorgeous harvest!

  15. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I really need to get some more flowers put in…

    Your pattypans are very cute! I’m attempting to grow them for the first time and am very hopeful about them 🙂

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