June 10, Weekly Update

Weekly Harvests:


Garlic – the largest bulbs we’ve managed to grow yet. I think our soils are getting into a better balance with each passing year.

Squash – yellow and pattypan, multiple

Squash and herbs

Parsley, dill

Lettuce – we picked all the remaining lettuces for the “spring” season


Mung bean sprouts – inside in the jar


Cabbage, tomatillo, cucumber, haricots verts

The first haricots verts, a tomatillo, the first cucumber, and a cabbage.

Flowering melon plants

This week we fish-emulsioned everything, plus sprayed the apple trees with sulfur (a natural fungicide) to treat the cedar rust that we get every year. We have also taken to spraying the 5 eggplants with pyrethrin rather than neem in our battle against the flea beetles. Next year we’re going back to covering them up until they’re bigger and more able to look after themselves. The beetles have been stressing and decimating the plants; since our homegrown eggplant is a dinner staple in our house during the summer we decided to get tougher. Since bees don’t usually flock to eggplant we decided to use it as our last resort as we are concerned about pyrethrin’s effect on bees. By the end of the week, the eggplant new growth that had been sprayed was noticeably better off.

Garden 1

After pulling all the garlic, we worked, weeded, and fertilized the boxes & seeded more haricot vert in one box and running conch field peas in the other (which is still only 1/2 a box – peppers are growing in the other half).

The celery we harvested last week, that we cleaned, blanched, froze, and bagged – all ended up being too woody and tough, even in some soup we made. We composted that huge bag featured in last week’s picture.

On Tuesday we saw our first cucumber beetle on the cucs. It was promptly squished. So now the regular routine includes squishing stink bugs and cucumber beetles, as well as egg clusters as we find them under the leaves. We’re really trying to stay on top of it all this year.

We’re featuring herb pictures this week:







Lavender green, dilly dilly



Rosemary (new growth)


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11 Responses to “June 10, Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Another week of lots of variety from your garden. What are some of your favorite ways to use the summer squash? I have some tried and true recipes but get kind of bored with them by the end of the season – looking for a few more really good ideas to add to my current favorites.

    Glad that the eggplants are responding to your changed approach well.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      https://foodgardenkitchen.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/summer-squash-casserole/ is my best answer. I’ve spent a lot of time perusing cookbooks for good recipes for squash, and they’re notoriously absent. I did find a nice recipe that Jacques Pepin talks about in a book I got for christmas, (La Methode and La Technique were two lovely gifts). Anyway, he has a dish for hollowed out and blanched pattypans that he then quickly bakes, then fills with tomato stew and replaces the “lid” of the pattypan. The closest I’ve gotten to this before is to layer squash, onions, and tomatoes in a dish and roast them. Ultimately, for me squash that are cooked simply are the best ones, and I tried to reflect that even in my squash casserole.

  2. leduesorelle Says:

    Delicious looking variety from your garden, makes me look forward to summer squash season!

  3. pooks Says:

    You are going to be doing some wonderful eating this week!

  4. Barbie Says:

    While I have gotten to where I enjoy zuchs good enough I still can’t stand yellow squash. LOL – but they look good enough. Love all the herb pictures. 🙂

  5. Dave Says:

    Lovely variety of veggies! I use pyrethrin on my eggplant to control the flea beetles too. Usually a couple of sprayings beats them down enough that the plants recover. And I don’t see many bees on them either.

  6. becky3086 Says:

    Wow your herbs look great!

  7. maryhysong Says:

    A very nice variety of veggies and herbs. I’ve noticed that while eggplants like it hot, they seem to like a bit of afternoon shade, so I have them in extra rich potting soil in pots on the patio where they are under some shade in the late afternoon. They seem to be doing well so far.

    • pooks Says:

      This is wonderful news for me! I have eggplant blooming like crazy. It’s definitely hot, and it does have nice shade in the afternoon. Maybe I have moussaka in my future!

  8. Julie Says:

    Nice squash! You’ve also got a nice variety of herbs. The flea beetles haven’t been nice to my eggplant either.

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