July 1 Weekly Update

June has gone out with a roar, the past two days have been over 100 each day, accompanied by high winds or lightning storms (with no rain) in the middle of the night.

Harvest Summary:

1/2 of a carrot box

Carrots in a box

Carrots with tops

Carrots ready for cleaning

Carrots cleaned and ready to make hot pickles out of, or eat fresh

haricot verts and half runner beans – multiple pickings

Green Beans!

summer squash – multiple days

One day’s worth…

cucumbers – many many cucumbers

Another day’s pickins’

8 tomatoes so far, and more coming quickly

Potatoes – 1 plant of red pontiac and 1 plant of kennebecs, all were yummy


Even More

And again

And lastly!

Some of the tomato are having some worm bite problems. Most of them look like bites that happened before we sprayed BT. The odd thing is that I have only seen 1 caterpillar on the tomatoes and that was weeks ago. We also removed many of the lower stems that are continuing to have fungal problems. Tomatoes in NC almost always get these. We sprayed copper fungicide on the plants, along with calcium/magnesium just to guard against blossom rot – so far none of the tomatoes are showing any signs of BER.

We removed a patty pan squash plant whose stem had deteriorated too much after we cut out the damn SVB caterpillar a couple weeks ago. Now we’re down to just 4 summer squash plants all of which have some damage from SVBs but that are still holding out.

A potato box

The potato plants are starting to die back, especially the pontiacs, and the skins are becoming more fully formed than on a “new” potato. From this point we can harvest potatoes at will, eating them along the way.

We trimmed and cleaned the garlic and put it up in the basement. All in all we’re happy with the garlic harvest this year. Next year we’re likely to cut back to just 1 box of garlic (we cut down from 2 to 1.5 this year), and we’ll still have enough to get through the year. The onions are still curing; we’re planning on putting them up next week if they have finished.

The tomatoes taste great! This morning I made biscuits in my new convection oven, and hot fresh tomato biscuits with butter and salt and pepper are one of life’s true pleasures.

Pictures do not include the harvesting of a good sized yellow squash and 3 cucumbers that we gave to a neighbor who dropped by to tour the garden.

Yesterday morning (Saturday) we got out to the garden shortly after 7 am to give everything a good drink. Today looks to be just as hot, though it’s now supposed to drop back down to the balmy mid 90s tomorrow. The plants this morning look like they’re doing ok.

Garden 1

Tomatoes on the vine

Garden 2

A melon! We have several coming along

Figs on the tree

Front boxes in the steamy muggy morning


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6 Responses to “July 1 Weekly Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    What a gorgeous harvest. Don’t know what happened but none of my carrot seeds germinated yet, may be they are just late.

  2. Julie Says:

    Nice harvests! You’ve got a ton of carrots! My cucumbers aren’t very happy this year- not sure why. I’m looking forward to mid 90’s weather and no more 100+ degree weather.

  3. Rick Says:

    Fantastic harvest. I love the pictures of your garden. It’s great to hear about gardening adventures in different parts of the country. But I’m sure glad I don’t have your pest problems. We are always hot and dry in the summer so we don’t see many pests.

  4. kitsapFG Says:

    The pics of the garden really convey the sense of heat – must be the steam and brightness of the light. the heat does not seem to be slowing the garden down though based on all the bounty you brought in (again) this week!

  5. maryhysong Says:

    What a great week for you! Looks like your garden is holding out in spite of the heat.

  6. thiscrazygarden Says:

    Coming along! I like how you show the carrots when you pull them, half processed and ready for the table, sometimes its lots of work to get to the finished process. Yum.

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