5 August Weekly Update

A harvest


3 potatoes that became uncovered after heavy rains, followed later in the week by a whole half box of kennebecs; tomatoes (lots); 3 types of green beans; peppers* of all kinds; monkey tail field peas and the first of the running conch field peas; butter beans; 2 cucumbers; various herbs.

and Another day’s worth of picking

They’ve been coming in like this for weeks now

After awhile a lot of of them start to look the same

Yet some more!

All put together, they show quite a lot

Green beans


Yes, more green beans

Butter beans! (after shelling)


*So many peppers are coming in that it’s easier than trying to detail varieties.

our first fig, albeit a bit blurry

We ate a Fig! The birds are getting most of the rest of them, alas. They have a tendency to eat them just before they’re actually ripe and we don’t have many this year. But next year we should have oodles. We have Raspberries! We didn’t even realize they were ready; actually we didn’t realize there were so many! After all this is the 1st year we’ve put the canes in. And the canes are already spreading and coming up throughout the box.

Raspberries! A new color for us!

This week we canned: 5 pints of tomato sauce, 6 pints of haricot verts, 3 pints of green beans, 3 pints of hot pepper mash, and 2 pints of chopped roasted sweet peppers.

Most of the eggplants are doing better and setting more blossoms. One has an actual eggplant growing.

The carrots we seeded on 7/22 are germinating, as are 2 of the 4 cabbage seeds we planted in situ.


The charentais have made a couple of melons! We’re going to try to save them from the critter thievery that occured last month. And we have 2 moon & star watermelons; we’ll try to wrap them in plastic netting as well. Three more winter squash are forming; one is in the middle of our front walkway. We removed the patty pan squash plants as their production had fallen to nothing and powdery mildew was starting to set in.


Squash and Melon


Where the squash were we worked the box and planted more butter beans. With a bit of luck we’ll get some before the frost kills them. Either way, just growing legumes apparently improves the soil because they are nitrogen fixers.

We did some general cleanup including removing dead dill plants, cutting dead/dying leaves from the cucumbers, and some mowing in the aisles, plus various weeding in boxes. Note:  when weeding raspberries do it slowly by hand so as not to damage any runners.

The tomatoes are noticeably slowing down and the plants are looking fairly rough.

Except for 2 plants all of the first planting of the haricot verts have now been pulled up. Now the 2nd planting is coming into season big time.

Cilantro in a porch box – a bit spindly due to location

Lettuces in a porch box

Roasting Peppers in an Iron Skillet

Lastly I just had to put in this picture I took of me arranging sweet peppers in the skillet as I began to roast/sear them for canning.


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13 Responses to “5 August Weekly Update”

  1. Linda Says:

    Nice haul so far! Love fresh green beans!

  2. jenny Says:

    wonderful harvest! Love your peppers, beans and melons!

  3. leduesorelle Says:

    Am envious of all of your peppers! How are you canning them?

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      For excess sweet peppers, we roast them and then pressure can them. With the hot peppers, we dry some to make our own chili powders or we make a pepper mash which we cook down and then pressure can. We also use our peppers to make our own pepper jelly. We recently made our “Instant Karma” recipe which is pretty hot but we’ll be making a milder pepper jelly soon with the pimento peppers that are coming in (for our less-spicy friends and family :)).

  4. Norma Chang Says:

    What a gorgeous harvest!!!!! Getting to the figs before the birds is a challenge, they are so smart, know exactly when and which fig to go after.

  5. rowenainitaly Says:

    All of those peppers! This is the first year where I put more emphasis on hot peppers than anything else and am looking forward to when mine will be ready to harvest (still got a ways to go). What a nice variety in your harvests.

  6. kitsapfg Says:

    What a bounty of tomatoes and peppers! Totally envious of both of them. Don’t you love the smell and taste of roasted red peppers? Something magical about the flavor and aroma of roasted peppers.

  7. zentMRS Says:

    Gorgeous peppers! And I sure love those tomatoes!

  8. Stash Says:

    I’ll bet you’ve been canning like crazy.

    And you have figs! I’m a little bit envious. They’re lovely.

  9. Marcia Says:

    So if I’m patient my peppers will turn that lovely color of red? Yours are really good looking.

  10. Heirloom Adventures Says:

    Gorgeous peppers! What a great variety!

  11. maryhysong Says:

    wow, your garden must be huge! That is a lot of produce for one week! Love all the peppers and ‘maters!

  12. Barbara Good Says:

    What a fantastically varied harvest, and so much preserving too. Love the fig, we have two trees overhanging from our neighbours house which are completely covered in in fruit every year. I can highly recommend a spice fig and orange jam if you get enough next year.

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