26 August Weekly Update

This week we harvested the following:


Harvest 1

Tomatoes, green beans & haricot verts, hot peppers, sweet peppers, 3 long island cheese squash, a few more raspberries and a fig, numerous butter beans, oodles of field peas, 1yellow summer squash, 1 small cucumber, fresh herbs

Harvest 2


Yet some more…

And another day worth…

Long Island Cheese Squash

The yellow squash is from our “round 2” of late transplanted squash plants.

A couple of the pepper plants broke as a result of the weight of the peppers combined with lots of rain (pepper plants tend to get somewhat brittle in the rain). So we salvaged the green peppers they were holding. They were already harvestable, we just tend to wait until they change color.

The largest charentais melon (which wasn’t all that large) split open. We didn’t see it had done so right away so it ended up on the compost pile.

On Saturday we transplanted out the rest of our fall cauliflower and cabbage, as well as the mustard and kale (2 types). We removed the main box of paste tomatoes – their time had come. The few remaining “round 1” cucumber vines were torn up as well. We sprayed BT on our fall brassicas – caterpillars were already present even though we planted them out just 2 weeks ago. Then we seeded radishes in 3 porch rail containers. 2 of the cabbage plants that were planted out on August 11 aren’t looking so great – they’ve wilted for no apparent reason. Perhaps it’s just been too hot for them, but we’re not sure. Hopefully they’ll recover.

8′ Trellised Field Peas

More field peas

The field peas seem to be much more productive this year on a taller trellis – we used to do 3 and 4′ trellises. These are 8′, which may be going too far the other way, since we can’t reach them all.

“Round 2” Haricot vert plants are starting to fade

Kale & Mustards newly transplanted

Orange bells on the plant

Garden 1

The workhorse green beans – Old Dutch Half-runners

These green beans here have survived deer attacks, japanese beetles, a heat wave, and everything else the environment could throw at them, and they’re still producing strong.

Garden 2

All of the mulch in the garden aisles was recently spread by our son during his break between Army basic training and going back to college to start his sophomore year.  It was a lot of work during a hot time of year and we appreciate his efforts 🙂

Broccoli – and if you look real hard along the left side, you can see the beets coming up

Raspberry plant utilizing the new-ish support system


“Round 2” yellow squash in front of cucumbers in front of herb containers

Canned green beans

There were at least 4 evenings of sitting around watching TV and shelling peas and beans. Today we canned 5 pints of green beans, in addition to the 8 pints of haricot verts & green beans we did earlier in the week. We also canned 7 pints of our Madoudou hot pepper mash (see the recipe section for the old post) and 7 jars of “hot kitten” hot pepper jelly. Some of these items will be holiday gifts to people. The blanched field peas and butter beans for the week ended up yielding nine 1-cup bags of field peas and two 1-cup bags of butter beans which we froze for winter eating.  We also got corn on the cob from a local farmer and froze 18 pint bags of creamed corn.


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11 Responses to “26 August Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    I see the baby beets! Your garden is looking fabulous and the new mulching on the walkways is beautiful. As always, you brought in an amazing amount of produce this week. Your garden is an inspiration of home food production.

  2. maryhysong Says:

    Your garden is lovely and what a great harvest! Next year I”m going to safe the small tomato cages for the peppers and eggplants and make larger trellises for the tomatoes.

  3. Patsy Says:

    Your garden looks so nice! As does the harvest. I’m jealous of your fall brassicas; I never got to starting late seedlings this year. My own fault. How nice that you had a willing worker to help with those pathways!

  4. zentMRS Says:

    Your garden is fantastic! I agree with kitsapfg – it is indeed inspriational!

  5. jenny Says:

    Your garden looks fantastic. Love the harvest, especially those squashes and very colorful peppers.

  6. Rick Says:

    Your garden is looking really great! And what an awesome harvest!

  7. Norma Chang Says:

    Such a neat and organized garden, great harvest too.

  8. jms1 Says:

    Just lovely- would love to come by and see how you’ve managed to deer proof your garden!

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