23 September Weekly Update

A belated “happy birthday” to Frodo and Bilbo…

Picked and washed

Garden harvests this week include:

Cucumbers!  (I remain tickled that we’re getting cucumbers in September), the last of the old Dutch Half runner green beans, the 4 celery plants we have been growing all season (We also kept the best looking leaves which we throw in a freezer bag and use when making stock). Also field peas and butter beans, yellow squash, tabasco peppers, bell peppers, serano, jalapeno, habenero, and cayenne peppers. Cilantro (fresh for our asian bbq we made this week).


The old dutch half runner beans were still producing flowers (the plant that would not give up), but we have more than enough beans canned now, so we pulled them up. Yes, we did report “the last” of these beans last week, but this harvest was all the beans we found while pulling up the plants and removing the leaves.

We trimmed off the broccoli & cauliflower leaves that had been damaged by caterpillars early on. The new growth is looking very good. We removed the watermelon and winter squash vines. Although the plants were looking fairly decent and still were flowering (mostly male flowers) the chances of them actually producing anything at this point was slim and none since average first frost for us is October 23. We seeded 2 of the small square boxes in the front yard with leaf lettuce and 1 box with French breakfast radishes. At least with these we have a good chance of getting production from the boxes.  There  is one box of dutch crookneck winter squash plants remaining, with one small female fruit – we’ll see.

Blanched and drying

Shelled field peas

Peppers & Onions cooking down

Most of the celery was diced, blanched, and frozen. We also froze the water we blanched the celery in, as we discovered that it also helps make good stock, particularly when added to chowders. We also blanched and froze 5 more bags of field peas (that’s 5 dinners), bringing our total for the year to 33 bags. We’re looking forward to eating them this winter. Hopefully the second flush of butter beans will be productive as we have only 8 bags of butter beans so far (though we have been eating them fresh weekly). We used a lot of our fresh peppers and some of our onions to make a “chutney”-like condiment to add to meals in the next week or so.  I sweat them down for 30-45 minutes on low heat, adding paprika and tomato paste, salt, pepper, and other herbs and spices – when they’ve cooked down and caramelized nicely they’re ready.  We also made more refrigerator pickles with the new cucumbers.

It’s like a hitchcock movie in miniature.

Our parsley, our dill, and some of our other stuff gets periodically attacked by the caterpillars of the swallowtail butterfly. Since she is the one who squishes bugs the most, and since she has a soft spot in her heart for these recognizable butterfly caterpillars, they are allowed at times to feast.


Beets coming up

Carrots coming up

Cherry bombs on the vine

Early Fall Garden

What a Lemongrass plant!

The pepper jungle

Tabasco peppers

Thai Hot Peppers !

See you next week!


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5 Responses to “23 September Weekly Update”

  1. Diana Says:

    Thanks for the tip about freezing celery as we have heaps of them and by next month it will start to flower. Like to track into your pepper jungle look amazing.

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    Your fall garden is looking so tidy. Mine is looking “shaggy” at the moment but slowly starting to remove crops so beds are becoming open. I need to get out there and spread compost next weekend over the beds that are done for the season.

    Beautiful harvests this week. That is a clever idea to freeze the blanching water from celery – would be an excellent stock starter. I need a second freezer. 😉

  3. Jenny Says:

    Beautiful peppers and looks like you’ll have a nice fall garden coming up.

  4. Norma Chang Says:

    You have a very nicely organized garden. Great harvest.

  5. Wonderwoman Says:

    Love your raised beds…nice. Also, nice crop of swallow-tail caterpillars 🙂

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