30 September Weekly Update



field peas and butter beans, 1 yellow squash, lots more sweet and hot peppers (dried 2 trays of peppers yesterday), a few blue lake bush green beans, trays of oregano and marjoram (drying now).

This week’s harvest would have been larger except that it rained all day on Saturday, preventing us from working in the garden. We’ll be out later this afternoon getting everything.

The garden is definitely slowing down. We can actually let it go a day or two instead of *having* to pick like we do at the height of the season.


We blanched and froze 6 more bags of field peas. We find field peas to be one of the work horses in the garden – we’re always very satisfied with their production. The yellow squash we picked may be the last one from the three “round 2” plants, as I don’t see any more female flowers. I think we only got 4 or 5 squash from these plants – not very productive – but since we had no other plans for the space, and since they’re so good to have fresh, we’ll take ’em.

Peppers on the vine

With the 2 trays of dried peppers, plus more that need doing, we definitely have plenty of dried peppers for the year.  I plan to give out some dried cayenne powder to folks to make my “wing sauce”, which is essentially cayenne, sweet paprika, salt, and just a little vinegar cooked on the stove for an hour on simmer.

Fall cauliflower

Cherry bombs ready to pick

Cilantro backed by Cabbages


Oregano in the bucket

Radishes, Leeks, Basil







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5 Responses to “30 September Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapFG Says:

    You must be swimming in peppers by now! You really have been able to grow so many of them – and so many varietys too. I did not have a particularly good pepper year so I am enjoying seeing all of yours in the weekly harvest post.

  2. Norma Chang Says:

    That’s a lot of peas, must have taken quite a while to shell.

  3. zentMRS Says:

    Fabulous peppers!!

  4. Becky Elmuccio (@craftygrdenmama) Says:

    What a fantastic haul on the peas! Please feel free to link up with my Tuesday Greens gardening linky. I’d love to have you join us! http://www.craftygardenmama.com

  5. maryhysong Says:

    wow what a great harvest, especially of your peppers. Mine’s been just a slow trickle; have to plant more next year!

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