21 October 2012 Weekly Update

Weekly Harvesting

Field peas and butter beans, hot and sweet peppers, kale and mustard, lettuces, are the primary harvests of the week.

Mustard and Kale

We shelled so many peas and beans last night our fingers got sore. The photograph here does not really show just how many of them we had. We braised some of the fresh greens last night.

We seeded our home-saved garlic last Sunday afternoon. We were able to restrain ourselves and plant only 1 box of garlic this year – we have a tendency to overplant with regard to how much we really need.

The cabbages had to be sprayed with BT due to caterpillars. We also did plenty of squishing. Several of the bell pepper plants got removed. Most of these were ones that weren’t very productive due to being in a box that got less sun, plus they were predated on by deer shortly after we put them out in the spring. As we were picking the butter bean plants we pulled up quite a few of them. The oldest field pea plants were picked clean yesterday and will be removed today.

Our radishes are really disappointing. They’re not bulbing up. This is a continuing issue for us and root veggies.

Canned jalapeno peppers; sweet peppers in the back

The leaves are really turning nice colors this week, and more and more fall each day.



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3 Responses to “21 October 2012 Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    That must have been a great deal of peas and beans! I have some pole bean shelling beans to pick and shell yet but am waiting for a stretch of dry weather before I do that. The fall colors are really picking up this week around here too. It is quite beautiful.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Very impressive! I wonder why your radishes don’t thrive?

  3. Shawn Ann Says:

    nice harvest. That’s quite a bunch of peas and beans. And the peppers look beautiful. It has been a good year for peppers.

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