28 October Weekly Update

I’ll have the usual, please:  field peas, butter beans, sweet and hot peppers, and lettuces.


Beans and Peas drying after blanching

The regular cornucopia

Amazing to be harvesting all these things this late in the season, but a frost appears likely in the next 2 weeks, and then most of it will shut down.

Our lemon-grass plant is over 7′ high, it’s bigger this year than it ever has been.  We’re about to cut it down and harvest the stalks, which we will cut into 1-3″ pieces and freeze for cooking with throughout the year.

We accomplished some fall clean-up in the garden. The asparagus ferns were cut back, and the box was weeded. We’ll put shredded leaf mulch in this box before the weather gets too cold, in order to protect the asparagus crowns through the coldest part of winter; then we’ll remove it in the spring. Garlic boxes will also get leaf mulch.

Asparagus box

After cutting the ferns back

After the weeding

We removed the oldest field pea vines, which took a solid hour, but it’s just a once a year job. The cattle panels work great for climbing vines, but the vines wrap themselves tightly around everything so removal becomes a game of cutting and tugging. We also removed more of the butter bean plants as we harvested the last pods. We’re down to about 1/3rd of the plants. The remaining plants still have pods that are maturing, if the weather holds.

We have LOTS of green peppers of all varieties still growing. Now it’s just a race to see how many fully ripen before the first frost (average 1st frost for us is October 23rd, still hasn’t happened yet). Not that all of them have to change color to be good, we just tend to leave them on as long as possible (which is why we have so many red jalapenos).


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6 Responses to “28 October Weekly Update”

  1. Diana Says:

    Interesting to admire the beans and peas side by side :). Oh wow shining peppers you have there.

  2. Patsy Says:

    Everything looks so good! I especially love the looks of your lettuce and shelled beans.

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    Gorgeous peppers. I harvested the last of my green peppers Sunday. I still have some stunted jalapeno peppers on the plants yet but they are not going to do anything now that it is so cold and rainy. Sounds like you got quite a bit of garden tidy up done.

  4. Barbie Says:

    Lovely. But, I have to laugh. It looks like there is nothing left of your asparagus plants. I know they will be back come spring though. 😉 I am envious of your beans this year. I didn’t get any this time. *pout* Other plans int he making. Hopefully next year!

  5. Lisa Says:

    What amazing legumes! That’s a gigantic harvest!

  6. jenny Says:

    Gorgeous peppers! I’m not patient enough to wait for mine to turn color as we use them a lot. will need to plant double the amount next year.

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