4 November Weekly Update

Harvests:  the Lemongrass plant, butter beans and field peas, lettuces, hot and sweet peppers (all of them), a few small radishes, a couple carrots.

Peppers in a bucket

Sweet Peppers

Hot peppers

Peppers, peas, and beans

Habanero type peppers

Parsley, Lemongrass, and dill

Overflowing bounty

We pulled up more of the butter bean plants and sweet pepper plants as we picked the last of their offerings for the year.  Some of the plants were still flowering even as we pulled them up.   It had been announced that our first frost was likely, and indeed it got down to 35-36 degrees eventually, but I haven’t seen a frost yet.

Late planted butter beans

The butter beans we seeded in August have lots of bean pods that probably won’t mature before this theoretical frost. We knew this was likely when we seeded them, but did it anyhow because growing legumes tends to improve the soil and we had no other plans for the box.


Carribean hot peppers on the plant

Dill! in November!

Garlic growing

Kale & Mustard

We did lots of weeding in our winter boxes.  The female of us scoffs when she recalls reading Mel Bartholowmew’s words promising no weeds if you use his methods. Yeah, right, as though weed seeds aren’t carried by the wind. “I so naively believed him and pictured a gardening world free of weeds. If you’re a beginner reading this; Do Not Believe This Hype. I can promise you that you will have plenty of weeding to do even if you use raised beds.  Certainly it is not as much as you would if you are using traditional row methods, but some regardless.  And in the end, it’s worth it”.

We were told “frost coming” multiple days this week.  The meteorologists got none of it right. Since we had work commitments on Thursday, we got out to the garden on Wednesday and picked all remaining harvestable items. It was quite the mad rush for us. Naturally, it didn’t frost. We gave away some of the peppers, shelled the various beans, and we’re drying and canning peppers left and right.

Baby frog resting on a bell pepper

Lemongrass crown after the harvest

Lettuce patch

Monkey Tail field pea jungle in the twilight of its life

The parsley that would not die

Remember the caterpillars eating all the parsley?  That happened *twice*, and both times each and every leaf was consumed.  And yet, here is the parsley plant. That’s marjoram on the right, btw.

Thai hot peppers and some serranos

November Garden 1

Volunteer potato plants in the broccoli box

Each month, sometimes each week, brings change to the garden in its aspects. It provides a center of harmony in our lives, cycling through the years.


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3 Responses to “4 November Weekly Update”

  1. Patsy Says:

    Wow, you are still harvesting so much! It all looks wonderful and your garden still looks very productive.

  2. Sustainably Modern Says:

    That it awesome; especially at this time of year

  3. kitsapfg Says:

    I just love that baby frog picture. He is darling. Your pepper harvests continue to just be amazing. You must be swimming in peppers by now.

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