11-18 Weekly Update

Kale & Mustard

Radishes & Carrots


Last of the butter beans

We picked radishes, carrots, kales, mustards, lettuces, and the very last of the butter beans this week, along with more cilantro.

Several of the boxes got worked, weeded, and had leaf mulch added for the winter.  Hopefully the leaf mulch will deter the evergreen weeds we tend to have, and then in the spring we’ll work the mulch into the soil. We’ll eventually get to all of the boxes, but the process is hard work so we’ll pace ourselves.

We decided to order onion plants this year from Dixondale Farms. Our onion success has been a bit marginal and we’re not sure if it’s because of our soil, something we’re doing (or not doing), or the fact that we’ve been starting our own onions from seed. So for next year we’re going to try planting plants grown from a source we’re pretty confidant provides good quality product. Since they sell out every year we went ahead and ordered 2 bunches (100-150 sets) of “Candy” onions for delivery in mid-to-end February. At $15 for *both* (shipping included) that seems like a good deal. Maybe not as cheap as $2.59 for a packet of seeds, but we also don’t have to start them inside and worry if they’ll grow at all.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and we got our turkey (and a bunch of other meat) this weekend from Rogers Cattle Company again. They have become one of our favorite local meat producers. If you’re in north central North Carolina, they’re worth checking out. We’ll be with family on Thursday, then spend Friday cooking here. The stuffing and cheese pudding recipes here on the site are staples of the meal.  I get to have family come here for christmas, so I’m already having fun planning the menu.


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3 Responses to “11-18 Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    I hope you have a great thanksgiving holiday this coming week. It is always a good idea to pace your self through the heavier beginning and end of season garden tasks. I have some more tidy up work to do in my garden but am not rushing to get it done over night.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I’ve had no success with alliums in our garden. Not sure why. My default answer is “because I suck” which isn’t very productive.

  3. crafty_cristy Says:

    I have had trouble with onions from seed this year, too. I thought it was me. I planted a set of onions I found at a local store to replace them. They look pretty good right now.

    Good luck on your onions. Happy Thanksgiving.

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