25 November Weekly Update

“Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble…..”

“Had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat” twice on Thursday.  Once at my aunt and uncle’s house (ate lightly), then later at my father’s house wherein we had a feast of feasts including the traditional turkey and country ham, but also oyster casserole, and a dozen other delicious items, along with fine wines and liquors – until we were both stuffed.  Fortunately I was able to abscond with some of the light and fluffy cheesecake with the homemade peach topping.  I couldn’t eat this until the next day, but it was oh so fine!

Then on Friday we cooked for ourselves, enough  food to last through the weekend and have lunches this coming week.

Earlier in the week we cooked a pork butt that we used to make asian bbq – we serve this with mu shu pancakes I make, and hoisin sauce and our very own cilantro.

Potatoes, Dill, Carrots, & Radishes

Harvests this week included that cilantro, along with parsley, dill, and sage, radishes, carrots, volunteer potatoes, and lettuces.


Two of our broccoli plants have started to form heads!  This is exciting, even if it is a “better late than never” situation. Two of the cauliflower plants are actually looking promising as well.  And we have two cabbages along the way with 3 more starting to make a head.


Yesterday we had to get out and cover everything.  The low for the next couple of nights is forecast to be in the mid 20s, and yes when I got up this morning it was 23 degrees. The lowest we’ve seen this winter before this was 29, and that was only for a couple of hours right at sunrise. Winter plants do okay under those types of conditions but mid 20s for several hours can cause damage so we went ahead and readied the beds with our pvc framing we use to support the remay fabric.

Also on Saturday we made turkey stock from the turkey carcass from Friday. We’ll use the stock throughout the year as a base for soups and gravy. The soup stock is typically 1 quart turkey plus 1 quart chicken stock (or duck) when we make soups.


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3 Responses to “25 November Weekly Update”

  1. Patsy Says:

    Ah, sure missing those salad greens up here! Yours look wonderful; great harvest even with the cold temps!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Nice harvest! I had to look twice at the dill, because I thought it was carrot greens.

  3. leduesorelle Says:

    We have two Thanksgiving dinners also, neither of them cooked at home so we end up having to buy an extra turkey just to have the leftovers! Lovely harvest, but it does look like winter’s finally arrived…

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