13 January Weekly Update

We pulled up some baby carrots while giving the carrot box a good weeding.  Also, we continue to get lettuce, and we harvested a bit of broccoli this week.

2013-01-06 15.42.41



The weather last Sunday was nice for a winter day so I spent the better part of an hour hand weeding  the carrot box.  It’s amazing how much of the greenery of the box was actually chickweed. It was tedious to sort through the carrot tops to get to the genesis of the chickweed but once I located the root they were easy to pull up.

We also prepped the areas designated for snow peas and some of the sugar snap & shelling (english) pea areas. We decided to risk sowing them now because the forecast is looking so good (as I write this, the current forecast is to hit lower mid-70s today). There are other areas still set aside for sugar snaps & shelling peas that we’ll wait to sow next month – this will give us a good stagger in production, as well as insurance in case the weather goes all wahooney-shaped. We started soaking the peas on Sunday afternoon (helps with germination) and they were sowed on Tuesday afternoon.  We also sowed a few radish seeds.



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8 Responses to “13 January Weekly Update”

  1. Barbie Says:

    Hope the weather holds out for your peas. It looks pretty good here and I should have had mine out all winter, but I keep looking at this project thinking anytime now, but not doing it. LOL

  2. jenny Says:

    Nice harvest of greens! and broccoli so early in the season too.

  3. Patsy Says:

    Greens and broccoli! So beautiful, oh how I miss them. We have to get by on what I froze last summer, but reading about your planting is making me itch to get to it too. Too soon for outside here though.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Wahooney shaped? That’s a new one for me!

    I’m so impressed with your garden bounty.

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    It is too cold here at the moment to do much in the garden at the moment, but as soon as we get a day where it breaks I plan to get out and do some weeding myself. I have several beds that need attention and some pole bean vines yet to remove (I hate that job!). Your lettuce harvest looks particularly nice. Ours has finally gone done with a hard freeze. Need to get some early spring lettuces started soon though.

  6. Daphne Says:

    The carrots are so cute. Now I thin my carrots when they are very young. In some ways it was nicer when I thinned them once they got bigger. Then I got a taste early on.

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