10 February Weekly Update

Overwintered Broccoli 1

Overwintered Broccoli (with main carrot box in the background)

Overwintered broccoli 2

The entire box of overwintered broccoli

On Sunday afternoon we pulled back all of the covers to see how everything fared during the week of cold temperatures.  We’re forecast to have several days ahead with above freezing temperatures at night so we’ll leave the covers pulled back for a few days so the plants can enjoy unfettered sunshine.  We gave everything a good drink from the rain barrels too, even though we had had an inch of rain this week.  With the covers on, all of the rain doesn’t get through.

Lettuce patch

One of the lettuce patches

Mustard & Kale

Mustard & Kale box

Garlic & leaf mulch

Garlic under heavy leaf mulch

All in all, the plants came through well.  One mustard plant isn’t looking so hot and the arugula and mustards growing amongst the arugula (it was a spicy salad mix blend of seeds) have looked better.  Some lettuces are also looking a bit ragged but others look fine.   Two of the cauliflower plants are looking really good and I’m really hoping they’ll head up in early Spring.

Cilantro & Cabbage

Cilantro & the cabbage we later harvested

Harvests this week were:  a cabbage, a few Little Finger carrots, a good bit of broccoli, and lettuce.  We’re thrilled to be getting this type of harvest at this time of year!

Carrotss, Broccoli, Cabbage

Carrots, Broccoli, Cabbage



The various peas we experimentally seeded in January continue to grow and more have come up.  We’ll soon be sowing more – this is actually the weekend I had on my calendar to sow peas but we didn’t get to it.  Perhaps one day after work this week we’ll be able to do some planting, now that it’s light until about 6 p.m.

By Thursday, we had decent germination of the early Spring “crops” started in the basement last Sunday.  Some of the seeds that haven’t germinated yet are ones that take longer to do so (namely, celery and leeks) but one of the cauliflower types and the red cabbage haven’t come up at all.  If I don’t see signs soon, I’ll have to reseed them.

Seeds in the Basement

Seeds in the Basement

Beet plants

Beet plants


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8 Responses to “10 February Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Your over wintered items look absolutely great. Well done on getting them through your recent cold period. I was lazy this fall about covering any of the winter growing beds, but nature was kind to me and gave us a very mild winter overall and so my losses were quite minimal – more losses from chickens running in the garden then weather actually. Nice harvest this week!

  2. pooks Says:

    I bought some row cover and will be using it for the first time tonight. I had wondered if it would let the rain through, so I’m glad you answered that question for me. A question about the carrots–is there a specific variety that is “fingerling” or is that simply what you call them when they are that size? Thanks!

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      Hello, Just to be clear about the row covers: some rain does drip through but I would guess it’s less than 1/2 of the total rainfall. (And there are different thicknesses of row cover, the thicker types do not let in as much rain).

      The carrots I picked are “Little Finger” which is variety that naturally grows to be only 4-6″ long and stays fairly slender. It’s a very common variety that you can pick up almost anywhere that sells vegetable seeds.

      Hope that helps and thanks for reading!

  3. marysveggiegarden Says:

    Feb. 1 & 15 were my pea planting dates when I lived in Raleigh. Up here (NYS) I’ve tried planting early (3/15) during warm springs and harvest is only a couple days earlier than from my normal 4/1 planting. The soil is cold enough and the light levels so low it is not worth the effort of planting earlier.

  4. Nicole Graysmith Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your garden blog for a year or so and just wanted to say thanks for blogging! We live outside of Carrboro and it is really helpful to see what other folks are doing. Just moved to a new house and started a new raised bed garden – not the easiest project with my three kids (9, 5 and 10months in tow) but so much fun! We planted our peas this morning, hopefully they will come up soon – they are my kids favorite things from the garden with the exception of carrots.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      Thanks for reading! We know there are plenty of people out there doing so based on the number of hits our blog gets…

      I’m actually pretty sure we know (of) each other. You used to be on the O.C. Planning Board (???) 🙂

  5. Lisa Says:

    Your winter bounty is quite amazing! Reading this blog post has made me very hungry.

  6. Daphne Says:

    That is a really nice harvest for this time of the year.

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