24 February Week Update

Harvests this week were cilantro and parsley for a chimichurri sauce (which also uses some of our stored homegrown garlic), lettuce, greens, broccoli, and a few baby carrots we pulled for salads and a vegetable soup.

lettuce broc & carrots 1

cilantro and parsley 1

Mound of Greens

Mound of Greens

We received our onion plants early in the week but the weather prevented us from planting them out until Sunday.  The onion folks recommend a fertilizer with a higher “middle number” (NPK ratio) at planting so we bought some Jamaican bat guano that fit the bill (1-10-1).   The number of onion plants sent to us were considerably more than expected and since she can’t bear to just throw things out, we decided to harvest all of the arugula since it was getting past its prime and we transplanted the 8 or so purple mustard plants growing amongst the arugula into the greens box.  We planted the excess onion starts in the space the arugula & mustard had been growing.  It was amazing how long most of the arugula roots were!  Up to 12” long and quite thick.

Potatoes, chitting

Potatoes, chitting

On Saturday we bought the seed potatoes we needed from the local garden center (Red Lasodas and Kennebecs) and started them chitting.  The other seed potatoes we ordered are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday.

The seedlings started in the basement are doing well as are the early-seeded peas in the garden.  We see no signs that the later-seeded peas (sowed on February 12) are coming up, probably due to the cold weather we’ve had recently.  We hope that the pea seeds aren’t rotting in the ground (something pea seeds are prone to do if conditions aren’t right) and that they’ll spring up as soon as it gets a bit consistently warmer (perhaps this week, if you believe weather forecasts).

Also on Sunday, we seeded some lettuces and radishes in the porch railing boxes and threw some cilantro seeds in the current cilantro porch railing box that was getting a bit sparse.  We’re also gearing up for next weekend (which is when we start the majority of our summer “crops” inside) by organizing the basement area a bit better.

Overwintered Red Cabbage

Overwintered Red Cabbage

Cauliflower plants

Cauliflower plants

New Onion Starts

New Onion Starts



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4 Responses to “24 February Week Update”

  1. Barbie Says:

    HA! THat reminds me I left my potatoes chititng in the garage and didn’t check them the last 2 weeks! EEEK! That’s a big bunch of greens and broccoli. Congrats!

  2. Norma Chang Says:

    Nice collection of green. Will your red cabbage form a solid head?

  3. Lisa Says:

    Very impressive winter bounty!

  4. kitsapfg Says:

    I really need to start chitting some potatoes soon. They have stored so well this year, that none of them seem inclined to sprout eyes at the moment. I guess I need to get them out and into some warmer ocnditions to get them moving along.

    Your greens look good and your overwintered crops are doing really well.

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