17 March, Weekly Update



The voles were feasting too heartily on our overwintered carrots so we pulled them all up.  They’re mostly pretty small but very tasty.  While working the box later in the week, we found a few we had missed.  Other harvests this week were lettuce, greens, broccoli, two cabbages (the ones featured in last week’s garden pictures), and cilantro (twice; one time for a Thai style lemongrass shrimp soup – with our own lemongrass which we store frozen – and a second time for an Asian pork barbecue meal we make with homemade mu shoo pancakes).  We also continue to eat daily from our canned and frozen harvests from last year.





broccoli cabbage and stray carrots

On Monday we planted our potatoes so they would be in the ground the same night we had a new moon (old timer’s lore).  We planted:  22 Kennebec, 12 Canela Russets, 11 Red Lasodas, 11 Rio Grande Russets, and 12 Yukon Golds.  Russets aren’t the most prolific around here but we wanted to try them again this year since they’re really our favorite type of potato.  Kennebecs do well in our area so we planted the most of this single variety.

Broccoli Transplants & Pea Plants

Broccoli Transplants & Pea Plants

Later in the week we planted out the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and mustard starts we had been hardening off for several days.  We also started hardening off our leek starts and some additional cabbage and cauliflower plants that needed a bit more grow time than their “siblings.”  We’ll plant these out sometime this week.  We prepped the bed areas they’ll be going into on Sunday.

Transplated Mustard & Kale

Transplated Mustard & Kale

Other garden tasks we tackled this week were fertilizing the onions and garlic with fish emulsion, up-potting a large marjoram plant our neighbor gave to us last year from the community garden she’s involved with, cutting back the sage, keeping the soil moist on the various seeds we sowed last weekend (we noticed the start of some germination on Sunday morning), and starting our summer squash and cucumbers inside on the heat mats and under the lights.  We started 4 zucchini, 3 patty pans, 3 yellow squash, and a total of 14 cucumber seeds (7 each of Boston Pickling and Straight Eight).

We also pulled up the sole surviving overwintered “Southern Giant” mustard plant that was starting to be attacked by aphids.  Its stem had a lot of freeze damage and the aphids were thick in several areas of the plant so we decided it wasn’t worth trying to treat the aphids.  The overwintered broccoli plants were also pulled up as we cut all of the side shoots.  The side shoots were getting smaller and smaller every time we cut them and trying to flower faster and faster as the plants were apparently desperate to go to seed.  A couple of the overwintered Lacinato kale plants are about to flower but since these plants are grown for their leaves, they get to stay in the ground for the time being.

On Saturday I noticed that the raspberries are starting to leaf out and new canes are coming up.  The shelling and snap peas we sowed in mid-February have started coming up slowly.  I’m going back and forth on whether to sow a few more seeds since germination has taken so long and isn’t so great, but each day I go out I see another one or two breaking the soil.  The ones we sowed in January are growing well and reaching for the trellis with their tendrils.

Marjoram, repotted, Sage on right

Marjoram, repotted, Sage on right

We still see no signs the asparagus is going to do anything so I went to review last year’s March archives which showed we were concerned about it last year at this exact time and then the plants suddenly burst forward with inches of growth every day.  So we wait, not-so-patiently…

Pile o' Greens

Pile o’ Greens


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4 Responses to “17 March, Weekly Update”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    I hope the asparagus starts producing imminently for you. 😀

    Nice harvests this week. I need to dig up the last bits and pieces of the overwintered carrots too. I don’t think there is much left of any useable size, but one is often surprised at what is found. You have been very busy in the garden from the sounds of it! Our raspberry canes are leafing out too and sending up new shoots.

  2. Norma Chang Says:

    I have not set foot in my garden yet, need to, but weather is not cooperating. Beautiful piles of harvests.

  3. Lea Says:

    Wow! There is a lot going on in your garden. I love carrots! For the past couple of years I planted a baby carrot ‘Little Fingers’. Very sweet, with lots of carrot flavor. They can be left in the garden to grow larger than your finger, but I am always so eager to eat them, mine never get to grow up!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  4. pooks Says:

    That’s a nice bounty for so early in the year. My carrots were in a big pot so I don’t have to worry about critters, but I also didn’t get nearly as many as you. Nice haul!


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