24 March Weekly Update

On Thursday afternoon we were out doing the cover routine!  We weren’t expecting to have to do it again this season but with a low of 22 forecast, we didn’t have much choice.  The forecast also caused us to wait on planting the additional cauliflower, cabbage, and leeks out.  We waited until Saturday to plant them into their designated boxes.  We also went ahead and sowed some more pea seeds in the spaces they did not germinate.

On Saturday when we removed the burlap from our most recent transplants, we discovered a young bunny had taken up residence under the cover.  I think I was more startled than the bunny when I saw him!  I stood there contemplating what to do and decided to cover up a portion of the box until the bunny ran away (I didn’t want our dog to notice the bunny).  When I started moving the burlap back into place, the bunny apparently decided this was just too much action and it took off into some plant cover about 30 feet away.  Fortunately, our geriatric dog who doesn’t hear so well anymore didn’t notice.

Cilantro, parsley & lettuce

Cilantro, parsley & lettuce

Harvest this week was just parsley and cilantro that went into a seafood soup and some lettuce.  Still no asparagus…

Basement light set-up

Basement light set-up

Sunday brought a cold, steady rain all day so we decided to up-pot the tomato, tomatillo, and celery starts since they needed to be done and it was a task that could be done in the basement.  Since fewer pots per tray mean more trays, it necessitated getting the second set of lights and heat mats on the lower level of the shelving unit going as well.

Lettuce boxes on porch

Lettuce box on porch railing

Radiishes in porch box

Radishes coming up in porch box

Early in the week I discovered the probable reason germination on some stuff has been slow – I had mistakenly plugged the heat mats into the power strip that is on a timer so they were on only 12 hours a day (on the cycle with the lights).  The heat mats have now been plugged into a strip that’s always on and within two days many more seeds, especially peppers, had germinated.

Snow peas

Snow peas, slowly but surely

Cauliflower, transplanted

Cauliflower, transplanted

Up-potted Celery

Up-potted Celery

Up-potted tomatoes - some transplant shock

Up-potted tomatoes – some transplant shock


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7 Responses to “24 March Weekly Update”

  1. Daphne Says:

    That lettuce looks delicious. This week I think I’ll get some more seedlings planted too. It is about time for most of the spring veggies.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Did the visiting bunny eat much? Mmmm seafood soup sounds good!

  3. Barbie Says:

    LOL – I’m thinking the opposite of Andrea. Rabbit stew! No bunny in the garden is a good bunny, unless it is caged and you are feeding it the rejects! Bunny poo=good, bunny eating garden = bad. Hope he doesn’t come back.

    • foodgardenkitchen Says:

      I have a soft spot in my heart for bunnies since they were one of the pets I was allowed to have growing up (along with hamsters and guinea pigs – my parents didn’t let us have dogs or cats). But I’m not keen on them eating my garden either 🙂 It was a pretty young bunny though, slightly larger than the palm of my hand, so there wouldn’t have been much eatin’ on him…

  4. Norma Chang Says:

    Your seedlings are healthy and happy, so far ahead of mine. It is cold and gloomy today, more winterlike than spring.

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    I just up potted all my tomatoes recently and completely ran out of room under my grow lights – so the spill over went straight into the unheated greenhouse. They seem to be doing well, but had it been a colder year I would have had to cart them in each night for protection. I need to repot my peppers this coming weekend.

    Some year’s I have lots of bunnies and others – not so much. This is one of the “not so much” springs, but I think I owe that to a coyote that keeps sailing by (eyeing my flock of hens).

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